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  1. Hi! I finished my first course of Accutane 6 months ago in December. It was only a 5 month course, but I saw tremendous results. Before, I had terrible cystic acne all over my face and was completely miserable. Accutane was definitely a last resort, but it work. However, things are changing now. My skin has become super oily like it did before I went on Accutane, and although I'm not breaking out as badly, I'm still breaking out. I feel like if I had stayed on my first course a little long
  2. So I went to the retina specialist on Thursday and had my eyes dilated which didn't go away for 6 hours. I called the dermatologist on Friday to see if they got the results, they never called me back. I called yesterday and they didn't call me back. Then they called me today and told me that even though the eye doctor cleared me, the dermatologist STILL WILL NOT RENEW MY PRESCRIPTION. What the f? I'm so upset right now. I'm out of pills (I've been taking 30mg a day instead of 60). I yelled
  3. Hey thanks for all the support So I am absolutely LIVID. The new dermatologist won't let me continue my course until I see a retinologist because I said I had night vision problems. I told him I had problems with night vision BEFORE starting accutane and that it only got a little worse, but it's not that bad. I'm pissed. What if I can't continue?
  4. Hey everyone! I am SO sorry for being gone for so long I have been absolutely SWAMPED with school, sorority, work, and everything else. It's been crazy. I feel so bad that I abandoned y'all! I'm back though and I'll try to update more often! Today is DAY 98!! So close to 100 It's probably a little less because I skipped a few days since I've been sick from being at school again. Anyway...things have been going pretty well. My skin is fairly clear, although I still have a few active pimpl
  5. Hey everyone! I am SO sorry for my long MIA-ness I feel like a horrible support system since I haven't been on here for all of you! I moved into my house at school and we don't have internet. It was supposed to come this week, but it hasn't so I can only get it in this tiny spot in the corner of my room. And I went through rush as a sophomore which was so stressful, but I made it and I'm so happy! My skin freaked out a little because it was hot and we were sweating and constantly reapplying
  6. Hello dahling! You are so welcome, that person was such a jerk I'm glad you didn't see what they wrote! I expected her to bump me up, but hopefully this month! Although sadly I'm going to have to be off it for a few days because of school and scheduling issues. I think she's skeptical because of my weight. So glad you're doing well! I looooveee Twilight I am so pumped for New Moon! Don't worry, I have trouble picking at my face too, it's soo annoying. We are having such a similar experience,
  7. kimberly_ann: I know some people are so rude! I can't believe your derm surprised you like that haha but if he looks like Jason Segel then who cares! Thanks for your support Angie: it's called Explore Fashions, I don't know if it will be out nationally, but I'll let you know when I find out!! Day 53 So I've been super stressed out and I got my period AGAIN. I have a massive cyst, like one inch in diameter no joke, on my cheek. I've messed with it, and it flattened out a little but it's s
  8. I was wondering where you were!! I'm glad to hear you're doing so well I would try changing your pillowcase every night, that helped me a lot because I would break out on the side I slept on too. So exciting for you going to college too yay It's an absolute blast! I almost bought that bedding the other day, but decided to shop around some more. Hope you keep doing well!
  9. First of all, I have iPledge and the information from the FDA that already informed me of all the side effects, which I'm completely aware of. Second, the severe side effects only happen to a very minimal percentage of people and that sucks, but it doesn't happen to everyone. Also, acne is not a "reaction to a body that's out of sync." That's the dumbest thing I've heard. My body is perfectly in sync and healthy. Acne can occur for many reasons, and in my case it's genetic. You have some
  10. Hey lady! I'm so happy for you that you can go on Accutane again That's awesome. That mole removal looks painful!! Yikes! I have to go get mine looked at because I've noticed them changing
  11. Believe- we do not need people like you coming onto our Accutane logs and telling us that we're making a huge mistake because we're doing something to help us. Accutane only causes birth defects if you get pregnant on it, hence the iPledge system with monthly pregnancy tests and not to mention birth control. How dare you say we didn't do any research either. I've been researching going on Accutane for years, and it's the best decision I've made in a long time. Angie is doing so well and for
  12. Day 49 So I was supposed to move back to school today, but 1. I'm sick, and 2. one of my roommates informed me last night that she'd be leaving tomorrow and I would be there by myself for 2 weeks. I don't think so. Now I'm moving this weekend, which makes me a TON less stressed. Yesterday I went to my esthetician again and she did an aloe enzyme treatment that helped a ton of the redness and got rid of all that dead skin. She also did pulse light therapy, which is like this cool gel and she
  13. Hey lady, just dropping by! Thanks for looking at my log. I'm sorry your acne came back But it doesn't look that bad, and you're gorgeous even with acne! Good luck at your appointment tomorrow! Let us know how it goes
  14. Hey guys! SOOO sorry for my long absence! I've been traveling all over and I just haven't had time to update. operation_acne_free: thank you funsize: you just create your own topic and then you're on your way! Angie: haha yeah it does sound a lot classier! My period is so irregular anyway so Accutane makes it worse-I've had 2 within 3 weeks! Hope you're doing well romans1212: I'm so glad to hear you're clear!! Congrats! I don't think it would hurt to follow your derm's orders because Accut