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  1. Ok it's now.. DAY 16 The treatment is going really well I think...the IB has subsided very quickly and for once my skin is feeling clearer and cleaner that it has ever before. I can wipe my hand accross my face and cheeks - and all I feel is the smoothness of clearing skin. There are still a few on my face, chin especially, but overall my face is starting to come right. My back and arms..they're getting there. Interestingly, about 8 months ago I started to get acne on my outer-biceps, and over
  2. Ok it is now the start of... WEEK 3 It's been going steady since my last post, with my IB keeping up and no real improvement as of yet. Now, what I do notice however, is that while pre-accutane I had lots of little pimples that were budding to become red and inflamed, the portions of skin that are not inflamed are now clear, as in no little pimples. So While my IB looks a bit bad, once those pimples clear up I'm hoping the improvement will look great. I was a bit annoyed tonight however becau
  3. DAY 10 Well, I'm well into the IB. My skin is getting redder, there are more pimples emerging, AND there's this group of cysts emerging on my back..right over my spine. It makes sitting down HELL!! But, I'm leaving them alone physically - I'll put some eryacne on them tonight. (for those who don't know, eryacne is an alcohol-based erythromycin gel which works well for spot treatment) So yeah not much else to report - I have choir tomorrow morning so I better get to bed Cheers Mike
  4. Hey Azrael - I started on the same day as you so we can be..accutane pals! Yes, I know what a sad description but hey it does the job! Anyway I'm into my IB and I'm getting some new nasties..including a group of cysts on my spine which really hurts when I sit on a hard chair - makes school aweful! But as far as treating the IB on the face I've had some remarkable results with a topical called 'Eryacne', which is basically an alcohol-based gel with erythromycin in it. It may seem drying but you j
  5. DAY 8 There has been a slight breakout, with one (which admittedly I popped) right next to my left eye, and another on my left cheek under the eye. The others are all still there, but many seem to be fading. I just wish I never interfered though...it will probably take ages to heal and leave a red mark. *sigh* Since I play clarinet having lip balm on is near impossible when playing, so in band this morning I had to have dry lips for 3 hours. It was almost getting sore after but I stuck a thick
  6. It seems like your acne is being pretty stubborn - but don't despair! The tane can handle even the worst cases and will deal with it soon enough. I usually don't care what other people think of my appearance, but I admit that with acne it does have a slight effect - I mean, I'd feel better about myself with it gone. Just the thought of walking out the door in the morning looking and feeling clear and fabulous is enough for me to go through this and take whatever side effects the tane throws at m
  7. Oh I almost forgot - DAY 7! As the above post, but here's a pic 1 week in: It's me at 7 in the morning pre-coffee..yeah.. Much the same as before, though
  8. Hey it seems like the dryness is setting in for me now as well - I much prefer it to oiliness though. Using an oil-free moisturiser really helps I reckon. Anyway I think acne has affected me most in my self-esteem. I got it when I was socially naive and thought appearances were everything (back in primary school) and have had it ever since, and it really slowed my realisation of inner beauty before superficial beauty. So for most of the time I've had it I've felt inferior in a way, and only rec
  9. Yep 1 week today! Now lets see only another 15 or so to go. When you think about it it doesn't seem too long, either that or I'm just very tired. Anyway my IB is beginning to take form, there's inflaming and some new little ones are emerging - nothing serious though atm. An oil-free moisturiser really helps with the oilyness, which has now turned to dryness. It's the better of two evils I guess. Anyway ciao for now mike
  10. Hey it seems like your course is going pretty well - just remember the side effects are a good sign! I remember when I was waiting the 3 months to get an appointment with the derm and my friend was starting accutane, I actually wanted to experience the side effects - it would mean that the end was in sight. And a week after I started they are begining to settle in, I also am getting oily skin throughout the day, I think it must be the accutane since so many people experience it. It's weird when
  11. DAY 6 Almost a week! Comparing my skin with the photo I took at first I notice it's gotten a little bit worse, but since then there's been more of a reddening than anything. My lips got a bit dry today - I had it under control soon and they're fine now, but I've decided to go off the vaseline and use some lip ice instead. Other than that not much else to report! I'll post a 1 week pic tomorrow. Cheers Mike
  12. DAY 4 and DAY 5 Both days uneventful, no new breakouts (except for this big one right in my right earlobe - painful!) and no new side effects. The only problem I'm having is the lip balm is smudging down around my chin and skin around my mouth making it a bit greasy looking, and the moisturiser I'm using seems to do this too. I'll try an oil free one tomorrow. Cheers Mike
  13. DAY 3 Not much different from yesterday, just the same sensitive skin and tender feet. From what I've heard it is going to get tougher pretty soon, so I'll just have to keep the vaseline on the lips and keep moisturising. But I don't care what the drug throws at me, at least I know it's for the best in the long run. Cheers Mike
  14. OK here is the before pic: Not looking as bad as it has - as I said earlier there's been some clearing on its own. But still a long way to go on accutane. DAY 2 The skin is more sensitive and I woke up with dry eyes and a dry nose, but those were easily rectified with some Nozoil and eye drops. For some reason my left foot feels very tender and sensitive, I don't know if it's related though. Lips are under control (I don't know if they've been drying out, because there is always a layer o