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  1. YellowCopy

    Consistent clear skin!

    So my skin has been CONSISTENTLY CLEAR for MONTHS!!! I’m so glad. This is a new world for me. Getting 1 or 2 pimples is bad for me and it used to be like having 5 or 6 at a time was normal!! This is my regime now!!! mornings: acne.org face wash cetaphil moisturizer Occasionally the herbalism face scrub from lush (this makes my skin SO SMOOTH and bright!) nights: wash off makeup with acne.org face wash another cleanse with acne.org face wash
  2. YellowCopy

    long time later

    SO, I've been using acne.org since june 2017. It worked wonders for me. After about 2 months on the regime i had COMPLETELY clear skin for a couple of months. Now i think I've slacked on the regime, i still use BP and for the most part i was fine. but RECENTLY MY SKIN IS STARTING TO BREAK OUT HOW IT USED TO AGAIN. Im getting acne on my forehead which I HAS BEEN COMPLETELY CLEAR SINCE WEEK 2 ON THE REGIME.
  3. YellowCopy

    week 11

    Hey y'all! Im back! so i have not updated in a long long while, I'm now on week 11 of the regime and..... I COULD NOT BE MORE HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS. My skin is CLEAR. I have not had a pimple in WEEKS. My skin is no longer flaky, i only use about a pea size of bp in the morning and a little more at night time. The regime no longer irritates my skin, nor does the AHA burn me anymore. Im so beyond glad i got on and STICKED WITH this regime. My skin is actually clear, i don't even WANT tower
  4. YellowCopy

    week 6, wednesday.

    so the AHA last night did not burn i was so happy. recently i did every other day, half moisturizer half AHA. Last night i didn't know HOW MUCH aha to use, so i put pea sizes on my fingers and only covered my face with an even, thin, layer of AHA. slowly i will work it up and see how much i can handle. Im going to do this every other day. I also started using only a thin, even layer of BP in the MORNING. and full amount at night. I can see my scars fading!!! Im SO HAPPY i stuck with this regime
  5. YellowCopy

    week 6

    my face has really cleared up. I'm not really getting any breakouts, maybe except one or two whiteheads. but the only problem really now is scars and dryness!! tonight is the first night I'm going to use AHA by itself. I'm so scared pray for me. I've also cut dairy out of my diet, i wonder if thats helping my acne?? idk.
  6. YellowCopy

    WEEK 5

    So my face is pretty clear. I'm still getting tiny breakout. They are just tiny whiteheads on my cheeks and clear up within a day or two. My flakiness has gotten MUCH better, i would say i almost have a completely smooth face. Ive been using a little less then half of the AHA every night with moisturizer, HOWEVER i think i need to do it every other night. At first i was able to use the AHA every night and my skin only tingled. I think now since all the dead skin is gone, its just my exfoliated f
  7. YellowCopy

    Dead skin built up?

    I actually kept using the AHA with the moisturizer for the past 4-5 nights, and its helped my skin ALOT!! TH flakes are going away!! Its not completely smooth yet though. I still have tiny amount of flakes everywhere and i want a completely smooth face for makeup. However i feel maybe since my skin is exfoliating, the AHA might be too much for me every night. For some reason today my skin BURNS from the AHA but I've been using the same amount every night and it hasn't burned this much.
  8. YellowCopy

    too much jojoba oil??

    Ive started using just a squeeze of jojoba oil day and night in my moisturizer. I find it keeps me very moisturized and makes the moisturizer thinner and easier to apply without being rough on may skin. However jojoba is oil, could using this much jojoba potentially be breaking me out??
  9. YellowCopy

    Help! Has anyone experience discoloration ??

    yes, for my my face gets red where i put the bp. Also the moisturizer has a yellow tint to it which makes your skin look darker. Usually when i wash my face and have nothing on it, my skin looks normal.
  10. YellowCopy

    Tan/Red face on the regimen

    same! something that helped the fake tan look is using a clear cetaphil moisturizer in the mornings. I realized that the acne.org moisturizer is yellowish and gives you the fake tan look. However, my face is still a little pink/red so I'm thinking i have to use a little less BP in the morning and more at just night. Im making sure the AHA is not burning my face at night or else i will wake up really red. So I'm incorporating AHA into my moistriuizer little by little and trying to find a balance
  11. YellowCopy

    month 1 week 2

    so 100% happy i stayed on the regime. I started being super gentle with my skin and i already see results. Right now i have about 2 pimples anomy face is CLEAR. I can already see my acne scars slightly fading. I also realized how much the AHA has been slowly helping the flakiness. It was almost gone but yesterday i got a sunburn on my face so i skipped AHA so it wouldn't burn, and i woke up to dead skin layered on my face again. Ill start using AHA again tonight though. Also theres a lot of st
  12. YellowCopy

    1 month day 7

    Tomorrow starts my 6th week on the regime! So i got over that episode i had where i wanted to quit. Im starting to be super gentle with the steps of the regime, I'm incorporating AHA into my regime but it stings a little still so I'm only using a little less then half AHA and the more moisturizer so my face isn't red in the aam I broke out from the exfoliation but today my pimples were big, and now at night i can already see them shrinking. I think my acne scars are starting to fade! Ive be
  13. YellowCopy

    1 month day 5

    i read even MORE on the regime and read that some people didn't start seeing real results until about 3 months. UGH. I'm just gonna keep going with there regime, the full finger of BP and hope this flakiness goes away. I have noticed my nose and forehead are baby smooth, (my nose used to have gunk around it) its just my cheeks and mouth area that are struggling with the layers of dead skin. My face is being red again like i got a sunburn, so maybe I'm using too much AHA? Is it better to use
  14. YellowCopy


    from what I've been experiencing, its very hard. My skin is acne free right now but i have layers of dead skin on my face and I'm trying to figure out a way to get rid of it. If i put on foundation i look so cake and gross. During the first few weeks i was able to wear makeup, but after this flakiness started i haven't been.
  15. YellowCopy

    Dead skin built up?

    So I've been using the regime for about a month now. I was very excited to start the AHA because i heard people saying it used it just one night and their skin was soft and smooth in the morning. I started using AHA little by little so that it doesn't burn my face for about a week now. Im now starting to use it half AHA half moisturizer at night. Although i don't think its helping. So i don't get flakiness in the day UNLESS i rub my skin a lot. BUT i do however have LAYER AND LAYERS of dead skin