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  1. My emotions went up and down and up and down a number of times during the whole process. There was an area in my marionette line t(aesthetician ran a thin line of TCA down both marionette lines) hat formed a scar where none had been, and I know I posted about it. The scar was not very noticeable but it was there. Then, after I stopped checking it daily, it just disappeared. In the end, I don't think any of the scars are bigger than they were. What is still a nuisance is that a few remain pink an
  2. My improvement % depends on the scar. I had some scars that went away totally: the indented cat scratches, the enlarged pores on the cheek, the dent across the bridge of my nose, and another indented short, narrow scar. The deep indented scar by my mouth has definitely improved. It is hard to quantify the percent, but it is at least 30% and maybe 40% and that was with two treatments of that scar. Part of the cat scratches took two treatments. The rest were with a single treatment. Do be aware t
  3. The enlarged pores (or mini icepicks) that I had treated were on my cheek. The only thing that was treated on my nose was a little knick that went across the bridge. That filled in OK and is not noticeable now. No enlarged pores on my nose got treated with TCA. The aesthetician said that blackheads and accompanying enlarged pores on my nose would be better treated with a salicyclic acid peel. I haven't had one of those, so I cannot speak from experience.
  4. Just thought I would let you know that the 85% TCA put on a couple of small wrinkles I had and on the marionette line was put on my a licensed aesthetician working in my dermatologist's office. The dermatologist was in on the whole thing and was quite pleased with the results. I am absolutely NOT recommending anyone do this on his/her own, and it is definitely a good idea to see if your dermatologist thinks it would help your wrinkles. My TCA CROSS was done for acne scars. The wrinkle treat
  5. I will try that concealer Thanks again!

  6. 85% TCA CROSS took out a couple of minor wrinkles for me. It also took out some indented cat scratch scars, which would be like bigger wrinkles. The minor wrinkles and most of the scratches went away after a single treatement. A deeper part of the scratches took two treatments. I looked BAD while they were healing! Between the red lines from the wrinkles and scratches and the spots from the other scars, I was not presentable. I spent the biggest part of two weeks hiding. You may heal at an ent
  7. Some of the crusts on my treated scars dropped off within a couple of days. Practically all of those crusted over again. 85% TCA was what was used on me. A lot of people are using 100% TCA. Maybe the % is what is affecting how long the first scabs are hanging in there? Once the crusts fell off, my treated areas were very strongly colored. Some had really dark red edges. Most were a very bright pink or something between pink and red. I really did look awful. The only words of comfort
  8. I went in to have another SilkPeel (last one in the package of three that I bought) and get treatment results evaluated. My aesthetician elected not to do another TCA CROSS this time, thinking it was good to give the treated spots more time to heal. The scratch she treated last time is about level with my healthy skin now; that scar took two treatments. The other, deep scar needs more treatment. She did look at it and she says it is still improving, so it would definitely be too early to mess w
  9. Hey, if you do try the Conceal RX, apply it by first putting a small dot of the stuff on the back of the hand you do not normally use. Dab your finger tip in that dot and then tap your finger tip over the spots. That way you get a coverage that helps but isn't heavy.
  10. Sounds like it is really doing something. That's great! If you do want to make the redness and scabs a little less obvious, you can dab on a little Conceal RX Physicians Strength Concealer by Physicians Formula. It takes only a tiny touch of it, dabbed on with your finger tip, and you won't look like you are wearing makeup. The Conceal RX comes in a small tube and is in with all the other Physicians Formula stuff in drugstores or stores like Target and Walmart. It was the best thing I could fi
  11. I haven't done a pock mark, although a deep scar by my mouth, when the skin is stretched enough is sort of like a pock mark. That responded well to the first treatment. It hasn't responded much more to the second treatment. Some of what I got treated were bigger, shallow indentatations. They did not change as much as the smaller scars. Scratches and extremely large pores responded the most. An indented scar in my nose, that looked sort of like a little notch, also went away with a single tr
  12. It sounds like you are reacting more like I did. About three days into the healing, I felt like I was starting to look bad and was getting worried. LOL, then it got worse! It was really pretty bad by the time I showed my friend who said I looked like I had been in an automobile accident, trying to console me and convince me that I should not worry anyone would stare at me if I went out (theory was people would be too polite to stare at a car wreck victim). If that does happen to you, just kee
  13. The Vita-K I bought is a cream. I wonder if the liquid is better. The book I mentioned in my last post does recommend Vita-K Solution for Dark Circles Under Eyes as an eye cream for Oily/Sensitive/Pigmented/Tight and for Oily/Resistant/Pigmented/Tight. However, for OSPT, the top pick was Elizabeth Arden Cermaide Eyewish SPF10 and for ORPT it was Quintessence Clarifying Under-Eye Serum. Oh, goody! I hadn't read this far in the book, so I just now spotted that, on her Recommended Retinol-Contai
  14. Good to hear it is going well! Did your dermatologist use 100% TCA or did he use a lesser percentage? Did he do any other treatment first, like the SilkPeel my aesthetician did, or did he have you use any special cream for a few days prior to treatment? The super enlarged, deep pores (or maybe mini ice picks) I had are gone. I mean really, really gone! I have to look closely to even notice any pale pink where they were. Of course these were treated July 19th and today is September 13th. Even
  15. Thank you for the encouragement, Wynne. The deep scar by my mouth dropped the crust within a few days. I was not expecting that, because it had frosted over very well. Maybe the deep scar is changing a little after all. It does not appear as blue. Looking at it with a magnifying mirror, it seems to be closer to normal skin over most of the scar, but it is still indented. Perhaps it is pushing up from underneath? Time will tell. I did start using some of that TXSystems Afirm 2X (Doak Derma