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  1. Oh no no dont pick at it it could get worse! try bringing down the swelling with a cold damp cloth and girl at top is right, take some ibuprofen like advil to calm the inflammation. You might want to go see a dermatologist about that, you might need to have it injected with cortisone or possibly even drained. so yeah get that checked out!

  2. One thing thats really good for scars and redmarks is a Hydroquinone cream like Palmers which help lighten the redmarks or darkspots left by acne. I personally tried and loved "AcneFree Complete Scar Fade and Erase", that not only comes with a hydroquinone cream but also a great spf moisturizer! Older scars are very hard to dissapear sometimes they are for life especially pock marks and ice pick marks but give the hydroquinone a try and see if it helps a bit, and remember scars and spots take time to fade so expect to see results in no less than two months.

  3. Your skin looks really good so I think the combination of tablets and the cream should work pretty well.

    Duac worked ok for me but then stopped working for some reason. I think it's quite harsh on your skin (and it stinks lol). For a few weeks you will notice an improvement though. By far the best cream i've used is benzamycin gel.. Has your doctor mentioned that one before? If not I recommend it a lot.

    It's a few years since I took doxycycline but I think it took about 6-8 months for me before I kinda saw the greatest improvement, so you have to stick it out a bit :confused:

    Thanks alot! Hopefully things will go well, and I will have to ask about the benzamycin gel next time i go to the derm.

  4. Hey everybody, well today I went to the Dermatologist and he put me on Doryx (Doxycycline Hyclate delayed release tablets) as well as Duac(Clindamycin, Benzoyl Peroxide) in the morning and Ziana (Clindamycin Phospate, Tretinoin) at night. Has anyone been put on a similar regimen? And has it worked for you? Im really hoping that this will help my acne, I have already been through Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Retin A Micro, Tetracycline, Minocycline, Clindagel, and countless over the counter products and I am anxious to find something that really works while trying to avoid Accutane. I am new to this site and I would greatly appreciate any feedback!

    Please view my new album Me on Doryx where I will be tracking my progress