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  1. Hi Are they like boils or pimples? Ive had this for a long time and now have scarring because of the boils so youre not alone. Ive also been on accutane but it didnt take them away. The only thing that Ive found has helped is exercise, it takes a little while but does make improvement. The doctor also recommended to wash twice a day in an antii bacterial wash and avoid hot clothing.
  2. Hi nakkax, I know how you feel. All through my teenage years I had acne and it affected a lot of the things I did. Some people's acne does get better and other people's stays around for a long time then some people get acne that comes and goes- so everyone's skin is different. You mentioned acne on your face only which Im sure is hard for you, but just try and remember some people have it on their body too. It sounds like its affecting you to the point where its not healthy for you, I dont kn
  3. Hi Im not really sure how to use this site as Ive only just made an account but Ive been looking around for a little while now. Anyway, I had severe acne for 10+ years on face, back, neck chest, thighs, went to doctors, dermatologist a few times. Nothing worked so finally decided to try to accutane last year which worked very good and cleared up a lot of it although I still do get some spots its nothing like before. But the thing is, I have a lot of scarring and some very deep set blackhe