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  1. I went ahead and purchased this. Vitamin B-5 all of a sudden stopped working, so I started breaking out heavily again - probably b/c of the heat. Also, I wanted to rid the whiteheads. First 3 days applying this was a complete disaster - 2 applications a day + Dermatologist prescribed moisturizer - major peeling, even with a 36 hour moisturizer (practically permanent water on the skin). Skin turned all red, even black in some areas. Day 4 - 6 - inflammations all gone. Black spots gone, only ac
  2. Dont do chemical peels!! Please!! You will just get more scars. Trust me, thats how I got al my scars. When u keep taking away layers and layers of skin from your face, your skin looses its ability to heal itself and that why a pimples sticks around so much longer than it used to and thats also why u are left with a scar when before you would break out and you wouldnt have anything after it was gone. I wish I had known all of this before and I probably woudnt have scars now.
  3. Just want to thank the person who posted this thread. I've had severe acne for 8 years, tried everything.. I've been taking 10 - 15 grams of B5 everyday for 30 days, and I'm 100% clear. Besides the long & many toilet trips I had to take, it was worth it.
  4. For me, the pores did get smaller, significantly (in just 3 days). After those 3 days, it stopped shrinking, but it was a good normal size. Wash the egg white off first. So, what's the best acne treament?
  5. Well, the dark brown faded after a few hours, and based on what I saw I agree it's a really, really, really, etc., bad idea. But I'd do it again just to get rid of this chunk of oil and puss beneath my skin that just won't go away (previously was a chain of cystic acne). For that 10 minutes this blob of junk shrunk 20%, which is a lot for 10 minutes, considering 2 hours 2 feet away of blue light did absolutely nothing. BTW, I haven't reported on my progress for Enlux for a while. I've been us
  6. Has anyone noticed darkening of skin when you use the light very close for roughly 10 minutes? I decided to place the light bulb right next to my face to treat a specific area, and when I stopped using it, I had a perfect circle, not a fuzzy circle, a perfect circle ring of darkened skin. My skin is usually light brown, but after that treatment, it turned darkish brown. So my question is, what is going on? It looks like blue light is damaging my skin at close range (but wow.. close range shrun
  7. I've been using these lights for like 2 weeks now and I'm 70% clear - except I got 3 really annoying pimples yesterday randomly after not getting a single pimple for 5 days. Cystic acne shrunk, but didn't go away, so I ended up popping them since they were at the surface of the skin. I've been taking pictures every single day, so once I'm 100% clear, I'll post em. I've been using the lights 3 hours on one side and 10 minutes on the other side of my face. All my acne is on one side of my face f
  8. I had it really bad the first 6 days, if you read my earlier post you would see what I mean (it got so bad my mom asked if I needed to see the Dermatologist), but then I decided to go for a 4 hour treatment on the seventh day(on one spot). I'm on my 9th day, I'm still treating one area 2-4 hours each day (3 days now), and it seems the breakout has come completely under control. I broke out a ton of whiteheads and blackheads, but not cysts. Acne is clearing slowly but nicely. Time is precious,
  9. I have very oily skin and I'm using the blue light - it doesn't seem to reduce oil or pore size. I would just like to report what's happening for me with the blue light. My acne background: Accutane - no effect The other million treatments I tried - no effect 7 year severe acne sufferer My results I've been using the blue light for 6 days now. First 2 days I used it (1 hour first day, 30 min second day) I had no results. Keep in mind, I only have 1 blue light, so everything is
  10. I got my blue light today and I have a few questions. If you look directly at the blue light, with your eyes closed, do you think it can that damage your eyes? The goggles they shipped with the package are so uncomfortable - can't keep 'em on for more than 3 minutes. And, does red light help with scarring, or is it assumed to help with scarring?