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  1. i dont experiencing any side effects, how ever i start to develope 2 cystic acne i believe. really pissed off by it. anyone give me any advice?
  2. afraid to see people who i care the most or friends that havent see me in a long time.
  3. yeah~! i really felt that too. people who has acne suffered more than anyone can imagine. we bear a heavy chain but there will be a key to save us
  4. u know what........sometimes i just want to kill myself too. I mean we didn't do anything wrong, why the hell do we have these freaking acne on our face. i use to be a confident and outgoing person, enjoying my live.Now? i just want to live on a isolated island where nobody can see me. yeah thats how i felt all the time,since i have my horrible acne. but u know what, there are friends and family who really care for me, they dont mind if i have acne or not, i just have to be myself. hopefully one
  5. hi! i been had acne for most of my highschool years, and it really destroyed my life for good. last year i thought my acne was gone,and it will never come back, the reason i think of that is because for a few months my skin was less oilly and i had like no new acne breakouts, my skin was clear. I was so glad that the nightmare was over, so i started hang out with people and met a girl i really like. Sadly, the Fcking ACNE! came back again..................with even more severe breakouts....i
  6. you know what, i really know how u feel, i feel like shit too. Its really awful to have serve acne, i suffer it for almost a year, and i am already feel despire. Nothing in my live seem interest me, i avoid my friends, family, teachers. I am really pissed off by these shits on my face. they seem never going away. Sometimes i even thought about suicide, well i didn't do it. its not worth it. however i am glad that my friends always help me through my depression. i also found this site, i am f
  7. hi! its been almost two months on dan's regimen everything seems great, but the moisturizer still giving me redness, and its pretty serious. for the last couple of days i just put on the bp but no moisturizer, the redness is gone but my skin feels very dry some peeling and flakes. i am just wondering is it bad for ur skin to not put on mois while u on dan's bp. thanks
  8. omg! thanks guys!!! i think i will reduce the amount of BP i use, hopefully things will get back to normal.
  9. hi! i been on dan's regimen for 1 month and 2 days, just recently i found out that my skin began to peel, it never happen before, i just dont understand. on the first 4weeks my skin is perfectly fine with dan's bp but now suddently my skin is peeling. i felt really bad, i hope someone could help me thanks
  10. hi! i am on dan's regeimen for 5 weeks now. Things has been going great, my acne pretty much gone, only red marks left. but just two days ago i started breaking out again, and its really bad, i am very frustrated by it. i am just little worry, is it normal to breaking out? i got several zits on my forhead and chin, its preatty bad.
  11. hey guys i just found a moistrurizer called Eucerin. it says that this product is very good for sensitive skin and it wont clog pores, anyone ever try that thing. please give me some advice thanks
  12. thanks for the suggestions guys, i think i wil try the complex15. hope it will work fine for me
  13. hi i been on dan's regimen for 3 weeks now, my acne skin improved alot, but i am concerning one thing like some people did. the moistruizer made my skin and acne marks so red, sometimes a little burning sensation but didn't bother me so much. i was wondering can anyone recommand so good moisturizers that wont irrate my skin and wont clog pores thanks guys another thing, since school is starting i am senior this year, i really hope that my skin wont look so bad. last year i was feeling so desp
  14. Oh God!, i can believe how effective dane's regimen is. i really could see my acne skin improved all my zits shrink and disappeare. and some of my cyst shirink too. The best thing is that i have sensitive skin but dane's regimen didn't irritate my skin much, actually not at all. I am really thankful for dane and pple who help me. I am really glad that something works for my skin. oh God i just so happy.