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  1. It does actually work!!

    I cant believe it took me this long to find this amazing, cheap and simple treatment!!! I've heard about salt/swimming in the ocean being good for acne but I thought it was just some old BS myth... Well, until I came over the reviews here at acne.org and decided to try it for my self! A little bit of background: Im a 27 year old Female with light to moderate hormonal acne. Mostly on my cheeks and jawline (and if I'm unlucky it spreads over my forehead, chest and back). I've had these problems
  2. I wanted to share my experience with you guys because I know how stressful and emotionally draining it is to constantly look for a cure. Now, I don't know if this will work for you since everyone has their own acne-cause, but this really worked for me. Some background: I'm 26 (F) and have had acne since I was 17. I never had any previous issues, I actually had really good porcelain skin. Then suddenly my skin just started breaking out little by little and by th time I was 20 I had painful