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  1. I thought the baby brush method was for getting rid of flakes and dry skin. Does it actually help in removing or lessening the effect of red and brown marks and even scars?
  2. Life101

    8oz. BP?

    When do you guys think this will be available?
  3. I'm so glad this thread was bumped up! I did a search about this in the msgboards a week or so ago but didn't find anything I was looking for. So, I posted the following thread: Does BP change the color of your skin tone? My skin is not even pale or extremely fair. I would say I have a medium skin tone. cleardream, so far I haven't noticed any skin discoloration with the CSR but I did notice it with proactiv too. I've been on CSR for over a month now (maybe even 1.5 months) but I haven't noti
  4. When I was using Proactiv, my skin became darker not by becoming red but instead it started changing into a dark brown tan. It just seemed like that was the color of my skin. I noticed it after almost a year of using Proactiv. Foundation that I bought while using Proactiv was a darker shade than the one I bought a couple months after stopping Proactiv. So far I haven't experienced this with CSR and hopefully I won't have to! When I was using proactive, sometimes I felt that the skin discol
  5. Brandy, I think by one digit he means 1/3 of the finger not one finger length ... he's dividing his finger by the lines on the finger. So, in the second and third week he would be using a little more than 1/2 finger of BP and by the fourth week he would be using a full finger length. tforte, if this is what you meant then yeah that's fine. My recommendation: do 1 1/2 digits in week 2 and and slightly more than 2 digits in week 3.
  6. So I wanted to know if its possible that BP (specifically 2.5%) can change your skin tone? Has anyone experienced this? When people mention that that they have an uneven skin tone by using BP ... does that mean where they apply BP their skin tone is slightly darker or lighter? I'm asking becuse when I was using proactive (for more than a year), my skin tone changed a lot ... it got darker. One of the reasons I stopped using it (the other being it wasn't doing a good enough job). When I did st
  7. Before I started the Regimen, whenever I wore makeup (which isn't that often) I used Clean & Clear Makeup Removing Cleanser. The cleanser that I use with the Regimen is Purpose bar soap. I haven't tried the Purpose bar soap after I use makeup because I feel it won't do a good job of taking it off. Even on the regimen, if I wear makeup I use Clean & Clear Makeup Removing Cleanser and after a while when I'm about to do the evening routine I wash my face again with Purpose soap and then ap
  8. LauraLee, I noticed you apply an egg white and lemon juice mask 3 times a week. Do see a big difference with that? Is it supposed to shrink your pore size? and one last question, what type of skin do you have?
  9. I think that's ok. Just look at lxl's regimen she uses 2 different moisturizers. I believe CAKD uses Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion at night and now probably uses Dan's moisturizer in the morning. They usually say use AHA once a day so the other time you would have to use plain ol' moisturizer.
  10. omgu8myrice, You mentioned you want to know how much shipping your paying ahead of time ... well this might help. When you go to http://www.danielkern.com to buy your stuff, before you put anything in your cart click shopping cart or go to http://www.danielkern.com/cart.php?target=cart. Now, where the calculator is located and it says calculate shipping ... click that. Another window pops up and you can pick what products you were planning to get and it will calculate the shipping costs for you
  11. Felverick, What concealer do you use? I wouldn't say expensive is necessarily better but I feel those department stores brands match my skin tone better but even then I have trouble finding the right shade ... but that's a whole other topic. I just have trouble matching my skin tone unless I can try it on and its hard to tell just from looking at the tube.
  12. I agree with Felverick, try concealer but make sure its the same shade as your skin tone. And instead of trying it on your hand, I would recommend trying it on your face to see if it matches. The skin on your hand could be a slightly different shade than your face. Make sure it matches your skin tone as much as possible because you don't want to be drawing any more attention to that zit! Brands? If you can try to get your color matched by a department store cosmetics person go for that. Have th
  13. In one of your comments you said you only use BP once a day and even then not a full finger. Is your skin very sensitive? If you're still getting new breakouts for the past couple of days and have already been on the regimen for 2 months try using BP twice a day and the full dose.
  14. Well, I've been on the regimen for about a month now and I'm using the full dose. I was only using proactiv's repairing lotion which is 2.5% BP. And I totally agree the Proactiv regimen is crap!!! Proactiv worked for some time but after a while I was still getting breakouts. Dan's regimen has given me better and even faster results results (sounds like an advertising campaign ) than proactive but we'll see where I'm at in 3 months!