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    hanging out with family, friends and the bf, football, music, learning guitar (although I haven't started yet), cooking, cleaning, organizing, taking pictures, going out to bars and clubs, watching great movies and tv shows (24, entourage, and weeds), chilllllin, dogs, babysitting, criminal justice
  1. damnn dude, you are funny as shit! im still laughing from reading your blog...i will def keep reading it! it really does look like you're improving though!!! keep your spirits up man and try to be more positive...like i tell EVERYONE else, it works! i just started accutane 10 days ago, so far so good and im sure its only going to keep getting better! good luck man!
  2. hey girl! your progress looks really good! im on day 10 of my accutane treatment and i've never felt better! i decided before i started the treatment that i was going to ONLY think positively about how this drug is going to affect my skin and so far thats exactly whats happened!! i really think you should do the same. start focusing on all the positives and STOP harping on the negatives, it will only exacerbate them! btw, congrats on getting out of that relationship! screw that dude, you are wo
  3. hey Katie, just read your blog and I'm in exactly the same situation as you, 22, just finished my finals and am graduating in June. Hoping to have clear skin by grad photos, LOL. ANyways, good luck to you!

  4. hey! i just started accutane 4 days ago, check out my blog later on to see my progress. but i just wanted to say that its better to approach the situation with a positive attitude and believe that it is going to definitely work for you with very little side effects. i may sound crazy, but i've always found that thinking positively can only help any situation. i would suggest you only start accutane once you have committed to it, don't take it if you're scared! just focus on all the good things i
  5. I'm in the same situation as you (but I'm 22)!! I started 20 mg/day on 12/18/07. I can't wait for this medicine to work!! Good luck, keep in touch if you need any support! -katiebaby0721
  6. I've had acne since I was 16, now I'm 22 1/2. It was moderate from 16-18 then clear from 18-19 (best year of my life!) then progressed from severe to moderate since then. I'm going to graduate from college in 6 months and I desperately want to enter the "real world" with clear skin and the most confidence I can have!! Enter Accutane, my soon to be savior--I'm on day 4. This month I'm taking 20 mg/day. Even though it hasn't been very long, so far so good! I've dedicated myself to take a positive
  7. So I've been trying the regimen for about 2 months but haven't been following it exactly as Dan suggests. My skin has improved slightly but I still won't go any where without make up on and feel uncomfortable around EVERYONE no matter where I am. My existing acne has improved dramatically but I'm now noticing a lot of really dark blood pocekts where some large pimples used to be and a TON of little red scars all over my cheeks and chin. Does anyone have suggestions on how I can get rid of thes