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  1. Just by reading the reviews of both moisturizers on acne.org gives you a clear idea of how much people prefer the old formula over the new one. There's just no debate between the two. I'd really like to hear the reasoning behind continuing to produce a moisturizer that clearly underperforms in many aspects compared to their old one. There is no way that Dan or anyone else at acne.org aren't aware of how terrible their new moisturizer is. Some kind of insight from someone knowledgeable in the or
  2. Since the last time I visited, two more topics have been posted about the moisturizer being less than satisfactory as well as all the posts above. I really do hope Dan is aware of this and is considering some sort of tweak to the moisturizer.
  3. yo! my accutane log buddy!! skins doing great since accutane man, just maintaining right now with dan's stuff. how bout you? looks like you're pretty clear now too!

  4. I don't believe we should stop making these threads. Dan's become a man who makes it apparent he listens to feedback from his customers and strives to make a product that satisfies what we need that store bought brands cannot. When a product gets released, I'm sure he expects the majority of us to give him insight as to what's wrong and what's good about his product so he can further improve on making a high quality and effective product. Just like he's done ever since he started the whole thing
  5. I was a heavy user of the old moisturizer with no lichochalcone and it literally was the best, most perfect moisturizer ever. Light, easily absorbed, skin felt hydrated/soft to the touch, moisturized so SO extremely well. Now, licochalcone wasn't new territory for me, I first tried it out with the AHA+ when it came out and it was a good nighttime/before bed application as it definitely left your face feeling greasy. That greasy feeling unfortunately, has carried onto their moisturizer(as wel
  6. Just decided to pop in while I'm here haha. I hope the inflammation dies down for you, Lauren! But I'm really glad that you don't have any actives, that's really good. Good luck on the rest of your course and hopefully your derm can help you figure out your sudden flare up =).
  7. 2 1/2 months Post Accutane Mmm..I know I said I would update every month but school's been my main focus these days =(. But now that I'm on winter break, I'm updating! Not much has changed but a sudden SURGE of oil. It's like how it was before I went on Accutane, it hasn't been this oily since I started the meds. I actually had to start using oil-blotting sheets because the oil was just too much to just walk around with. My whole face is pretty much the victims of this huge oil production, I h
  8. your skin looks REALLY good!! i still have...these damn brown marks/scars to get rid of before i could even compare to your skin right now =X
  9. Congrats on making it to the 3rd month! Yeah, I missed quite a few days during my course. But at most, 3 pills in a row and it didn't do anything noticeable to me..so I'm sure you're fine haha. I checked your gallery and wow, definitely bust a move when you're finally clear and see a mirror hahaha! Good luck on the rest of your course, it looks like you won't have many problems =D
  10. Day 185 - The end of Accutane! Ahh..Sorry for not updating for those who are still following haha. I kept neglecting this log either because I was too busy or just too lazy =S. Not much has changed from last time so I guess that's partly why as well! No new acne has formed ever since my IB and I hope it stays that way forever!! I can't express how awesome it feels to not worry about zits popping up out of the blue and being self-conscious about it. Accutane really took that away from me and I'
  11. I'm 5 days late, but CONGRATS ON FINISHING ACCUTANE! Didn't get to see your end result but judging from the comments, you got really clear =D. I'm 3 pills away from finishing my course and I can't wait to see my red marks fade away, cause that's what REALLY bugs me now!
  12. exactly what i'm going through right now =(. now that acne is pretty much gone, other flaws are more noticeable haha
  13. thanks a lot! hahaha i dont think i earn a standing ovation yet! but you do! haha your skin is looking really good
  14. thank you, although i really hope the red marks fade more in my 5th month. most of the red marks were from acne pre-accutane. they definitely faded though. ahhhhh the IB. that was a dreadful week, honestly. i had my IB REALLY quick, had it at around day 8. my face was just a field of humongous, red, and painful bumps. but my IB died down after a week or so i believe. didn't touch any of mine(was too scared of scarring!), and when one happened to pop, i just used polysporin and a small bandaid.
  15. Day 119 Almost at the end of my 4th month..beginning my 5th month in around 3 days. Again, not much has changed in terms of my acne. Haven't had any actives since my IB which was sometime during my first month so..yay! Still have plenty of scars on my cheeks though, and it doesn't look like it wants to fade away any time soon. Lips are being a real pain, dry and peeling like crazy, I've gotta find a good chapstick..because all my chapsticks melt when I put it in my pocket =(. So I guess I'm sti
  16. wowww. i compared your first day picture to your latest one and holy crap! huge improvement! believe it or not, i'm actually really happy for ya haha. i'm at the point where nothing's getting worse but nothing's changing either. but i'm nearing the end of my 4th month..so i hope to see some kind of improvement soon!
  17. hey sid99, whatever you do, DO NOT scratch them anymore! i also had those red patches all over my fore arms because i itched them like crazy. now that my derm prescribed to me some cream to put on it(it's eczema btw), the itchiness has gone away as well as the redness but now i'm left with brown marks. so try not to itch it anymore and get some cream(i got ectosone from the derm) to put on it from the derm! good luck!
  18. thanks for the advice the-notansuperman. yeah my skin is still at a standstill. nothing's changing but nothing's happening either. the scaliness has gone away though, so my skin actually feels like skin again but that's it. no actives, but the marks from past acne/IB are still there and quite visible. hope your skin goes back to being clear! =) oh i'll get pictures up tonight haha
  19. i hear ya on the rashes..mine was REALLY bad, and what was worse is that i scratched it like crazy so it became this huge red, itchy, burning patch on my forearms. my derm gave me that betamethasone cream as well and it doesn't itch as long as i apply it every night...but the scratching left me with some brown marks =/
  20. your skin looks AWESOME, scarredpores! =o. and only two months in?! wow. i'm jealous haha
  21. thanks a lot deadbeat007. you should be starting accutane soon right? must be excited haha. one word of advice, if you do end up getting eczema, DO NOT SCRATCH IT hahaha. i wouldnt want anyone else to make the same mistake i did!
  22. Day 99 Well, it's day 99. This is the start of my 4th month and nothing seems to be changing. The eczema I got from Accutane is doing alright now, but there are marks on my arms that aren't going away...so that kind of killed my mood. There are no actives but my skin is really dry and scaly to touch, which I've experienced before. My arms are what I really despise right now, I went into a scratching frenzy when I initially had the itchiness and dryness from eczema and now it's showing me the co
  23. after being put on accutane, i've acquired a habit of buying many chap sticks =/ right now i use aveeno intensive relief therapy lip protectant which works alright but it melted so it's kind of deformed right now =(. it's hard to find a lip balm that won't melt when it's in my pocket while i'm out... the dr dans stuff seems pretty good, so i'm probably gonna try that one out. my lips can't seem to stay moisturized when i'm eating and when i apply my chapstick, it gets all gooey for some reason
  24. holy moly! huge improvement since the last time i came in here!
  25. sucks how you have to do another round of accutane...but maybe this will really completely rid you of any big breakouts in the future =P and holy crap at your post tane pictures =o! good luck on your course and keep us updated!