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  1. Lindt has a 99% bar? Thanks for posting that, as I thought I was doing well with their 85% one! I will start looking out for it.
  2. better yet - just steam or bake them. not sure what microwaving does to the nutrients - anyone on that?
  3. Im not sure how reliable this site is, but the listed information played a big part in me incorporating sweet potatoes in my diet. http://www.foodreference.com/html/sweet-pot-nutrition.html
  4. Yeah, I have definitely been having a half or whole one for breakfast most mornings. Green vegetables just dont really work so well before noon, but a mashed up sweet potato is perfect. Im staying away from adding any sugar, butter, or syrup - just a little salt or whats the point really.
  5. I have been eating one to two sweet potatoes each day as an addition to a two month dietary switch that consists entirely of stir fried vegetables (broccoli, red bell peppers, snow peas, carrots, baby boy chok, garlic, onions, kale, etc etc) and tofu. No matter how much stir fry I ate, I was still so hungry by the end of the week, so I started adding sweet potatoes even though I initially thought the sugar and starch might be really bad for me. Hasnt broken me out at all yet, so Im thinking th
  6. I cut out dairy perhaps two years ago, and it made a difference. I started to realized that I would break out if I ate a lot of cereal for a week. I really like the soy milk, so the switch wasnt hard. Acne isnt 100% gone, but quite mild and without the really hurtful ones.
  7. I have thought about this a lot in the form of testosterone and tried a few things. mega strength beta sitosterol hasnt really worked from what I can tell. Working out less did help though. Also cut out dairy and most meats in an attempt to cut the hormones that are in those products and that seemed to help as well. Would rather have an absolute fix such as birth control sometimes is for girls, but I havent found that yet.
  8. Seeing how prettyacnegirl was bold enough to post pictures, I would imagine she is not part of a marketing scheme. Stevo396, however, has been making serious money. I was getting a cut each week to keep quiet, but the guilt is just too much... Also - I am using Differin, but I think my main problem is that I got spoiled with that first week. Nothing is ever that easy, right?
  9. I am also not as clear as I was at the end of my first week. Im getting small acne around my temples and forehead. They never fully develop which might be attributed to the blue light, but they still dont look great. I have done 16 sessions now and really was excited after the first week when everything looked great. I tried increasing the time when I started breaking out, but it didnt help. I said I would give it a month though, so maybe it will clear up again. My skin does look smoother
  10. Thought I would update now that I have been using the Enlux bulbs for nearly a week. The first two or three days I couldnt tell a difference at all, but by the fourth and fifth day I really believe the redness from old marks was fading and there hasnt been any new acne. My complexion is really starting to even out now which I attribute to the healing of the red light. I will update again around the end of the second week. Thanks hhughes and prettyacnegirl for the convincing posts and to ever
  11. For everyone who has the enlux bulbs from sci art: when I turned on the blue bulb first it flickered a few times and really doesnt seem all that bright in comparison to the red bulb. I am hoping Im just paranoid and the bulb is not defective, but using the sunnies with my eyes closed, I cannot detect the blue light. With the red light, it is quite bright.... Is something wrong with my bulb?
  12. Stevo396 - Looks like we are starting on the same day, as I received my bulbs this morning. Lets see what kind of results we get and keep everyone posted.
  13. After reading the posts for a week, I bought a blue and a red from sci art which are on the way. Couple questions - Hope they werent addressed earlier... if so just yell and I will reread the earlier posts. How long do you think you need to be off accutane to use these? Also, if they give off minimal UV, why is accutane even a problem with these? Also, are people using two blue bulbs to speed up the process or does the second light improve the results somehow? Wondering if I need to purchas