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  1. So, I got off of my 2nd accutane course 3 months ago and Im noticing a few pimples. Theres is 1 small one and then about 3 really tiny surface ones. Its really not bad at all right now but Im really worried that Im going to break out again. Has anyone else had something like this happen? I dont know what I should do.
  2. day 76 1 big pimple but the rest is clear besides red marks. back isnt hurting anymore when i workout.
  3. day 70 ive had 1 pimple in te past 2 weeks. now im pretty much clear. back is much better than before.
  4. 36-45 nothing new. arms are kind of dry and lips really dry. had a few new pimples but nothing serious
  5. i want to get my tattoo touched up and im on my 2nd month of accutane. is it ok?
  6. day 31-36 skin all over is getting dry, not just my face. i should probably buy a moisturizer. other than that, im having mini breakouts - not bad at all.
  7. day 30-31: got a 2 month perscription from the derm. side effects arent bad - dry lips and skin byt the worst is back pain when i lift weigts or arch my back
  8. day 25-27 had a medium breakout on day 25 but it disapeared quickly
  9. day 23-24 some old acne disapeared and i got a few new ones. back and chest are really clearing up
  10. day 20-21 skin very smooth and clear, no oil at all
  11. day 19 nose had a bit of dry blood. IB is really cleared up on left side, and the right side is getting there.
  12. day 18 IB almost over. skin feels really nice, no oil at all for the first time. ive been having lots of stomach aches, im not sure if its from accutane or not. thats about it so far mememememe good luck with your appointment. how are you dealing with being back at university with your breaking out?
  13. 10-12 starting to break out a bit but its not too bad. also dry flaky skin.