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  1. duane: I think the reluctance to try accutane, for me anyways, comes from fear of all of the possible severe side effects one might get from using it. You said yourself in previous posts that accutane should only be prescribed as a last resort because it has potentially serious side effects. You said you've been on accutane 3 times but you still have acne. Would you recommend someone like me taking accutane? I don't have severe acne but I've had it for 13 years plus. I have blackheads, whi
  2. I went to Walmart yesterday to try to find Purpose cleaser and I couldn't see any Purpose products at all so that was a bit disappointing. Yes let me know how it goes with your derm appt. Thanks.
  3. b_water: Thanks for your comment. I really don't think quitting dairy products is the answer. I've always eaten dairy products and during that time my skin was clear and I still eat dairy products and now I have acne. So I see no correlation between the two. I agree with you 30not15. I'm 36 and why should I wait any longer? I feel like I've wasted the last 5 years with this crap. Are you currently taking accutane? Miss Josette: You are very lucky you are so young and have the luxury of
  4. Thanks for your replies 30not15 and dsal. I'm just not sure what to do. My acne isn't severe but persistent. I have blackheads, whiteheads and painful bumps that come to a head. I wake up in the morning and my first thought is what hideous thing is protuding out of my face today. I would like to try accutane but I am afraid of the side effects and I just know my derm wouldn't let me go on it. She's only at her office once a week. The rest of the time she spends making money at her cosmeti
  5. Thanks again for your help sweetheart519. I think the cetaphil is irritating my acne too. I think 8 weeks is a reasonable amount of time to be on an antibiotic. If that's what my derm wants me to do then I will give it a shot. I am allergic to septra. I took it several years ago for an ear infection and had an allergic reaction to it. So I guess i will have to try one of the cyclines. Do you really take 800 mg twice a day? That seems like a pretty high amt. Let me know about your derm
  6. Thanks for all of your input and advice dsal. I hear what you're saying. I'm going to the derm in Sept so I'm going to discuss all of this stuff with her. And to have a little indiscretion I think one would have to actually leave the house. LOL. I don't know what this IPledge thing is. I live in Canada so I don't think we have that here, at least I've never heard of it. Have you ever been on accutane dsal?
  7. Hi sweetheart519, Sorry for all the questions. I hope you don't mind answering them. If I'm bothering you too much let me know. Thanks a lot for all your help. I'm going to see if I can get that Purpose wash. I'm using cetaphil but I don't think it's working too well for me. I was just wondering how long have you been on oral antibiotics and how long is your course? I'm willing to give antibiotics a try but I'm only willing to take them for a minimal amount of time, say 3 months at the m
  8. What about abstinence? Isn't that the most effective birth control method of all? It is in my book anyway. Miss Jossette: Are you going to the Dr soon to try to get on accutane? Let us know how it goes and if you are successful at getting it without taking a bcp.
  9. sweetheart519, Which Purpose cleanser do you use? Is it Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash or Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar? Have you ever been on or considered going on accutane? What are your thoughts on that? Thanks.
  10. So hows it going? What kind of retin A are you on?
  11. I agree with you Miss Josette. I want to take accutane but I don't want to take the birth contol because it is completely unnecessary. I know the possibility exists that one could get raped and get preganant but if that were to happen I would get the morning after pill and I wouldn't become pregnant in the first place. But don't they make you take it? They must test you or something to see that you are taking bc? For those of you out there who have taken accutane and a bcp did you stop taki
  12. Sorry for the delayed response. I don't think the email alerts are working. ChippedTeaCup: Yes I'm still using the retin A. Its been 3.5 months now. Still getting breakouts and the blackheads are still there. How long did you use it before it cleared the blackheads? What % retin A and what % bp are you using? Thanks. How is the bp use with the retin A working for you? You're from Edmonton eh? I'm from the Peg. Thanks for all the responses guys!
  13. I don't know why I think my derm wouldn't prescribe it. I've had 3-4 appointments with her and she's never mentioned it. I've never really mentioned it either because I haven't started considering it until recently. She usually asks me if I want to use antibiotics and I say no. Then she asks me if I want to use birth control pills and I say no. Then she says ok we'll do it topically then and gives me some crap to put on my face that doesn't work. You're lucky your derm suggested it. I liv
  14. Unfortunately, I also refuse to take birth control pills. See, I have a history of eating disorders in my past (not currently) and anything that could potentially cause weight gain is pretty much out of the question. thanks though!!