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  1. hahaaa.. this post cracks me up..
  2. QUOTE( @ Jun 28 2004, 05:16 PM) It sounds like skincancer o my goodness, hahaa... that's scary.... i don't think it's THAT serious... just see a derm... it sounds strange..
  3. I use Pond's Cold Cream deep cleanser... it's cheap and very gentle because it's a cream.. i've tried the MAC cold cream.. works the same... but i only use it for my eye makeup.. i dont wear foundation or anything because of my acne problem... I wet my face, rub a bit of the cream on and just wipe everything off... but make sure you wash your face with another cleanser... if you wanna start the Botchla reg.. the two cleanser will get rid of your face makeup with no problem because there's a sc
  4. C&C is the best one to use... make sure you don't those power-based once.. they clog your pores like crazy...
  5. if you are doing so well with whatever you are using, why change? you really dont wanna risk the chance that it might screw up everything you've done so far. I would just stick to whatever you are using. I'm not using anything else beside C&C washes because everything is going so well. But they might not actually work on you cuz everyone's skin is different. As for redmarks, i really dont see how salicylic acid is helping. The only thing that really helps is time.
  6. i prefer botchla's reg. First of all it worked like a miracle. Secondly it's so much cheaper. Those two washes have lasted me more than 3 months. And it doesn't take alot of your time unlike Dan's which you have to rub the bp onto your face. That takes forever.
  7. i personally dont think it's safe to use Botchla's reg for severe acne because the scrub might irritate your skin too much.. but for mild to moderate acne... it works wonder.. i'm almost clear beside some red marks here and there...
  8. I use biotherm.. i love their stuff.. spf15 and not oily at all.. no breakouts..
  9. hey Porad: If i remember it correctly, i started to clear up significantly after the 4th week.. i had an initial breakout which wasn't as severe as my breakout in the 3rd week.. that was when i wanted to give up this reg.. then i just thought hey i'll just finish these two bottles... after the 4th week, everything has been so amazing.. you do still get some pimples.. but they are tiny whiteheads which dry up and pill off quickly.. redmark will start to fade away in your 2nd month on this reg...
  10. hey guys... man... let me tell you how Botchla's reg has helped me... i've been on the reg for about over 2 months now... i'm 97% clear.. i just get occasional zits, most of them are before my period anyway.. they go away in a day or 2.. and red marks are fading quickly... if you told me 2 months ago i would have clear skin like this.. i wouldn't beleive you. but i have really benefit from this reg and i hope you will too... don't give up... it'll work.. let time prove Botchla's reg... all the b
  11. hey there.. it's great that the botchla reg is work for you.. i too have benefit from this.. i'm in my third month.. i think.. hahaa.. it's been so long that it has become a normal routine... i'm 98% clear i can say with small, by small i mean tiny whiteheads breakingout once in a while.. but hey, what more can i ask for.. my redmarks are fading and everything is going well.. blackheads have been clearing up.. anyway.. hahaa.. this is your log.. so take care and keep on the good work... later
  12. alrighty... i'm back to report... had a few AMAZING days.. i'm almost clear now.. red marks are fading quickly.. maybe the whitening night cream i use helps.. but anyway... i don't have any bleached towels.. lol.. what had been bleached by this reg are the sleeves of my sweatshirt (i only wear at home so it's cool)... because when you wash with bp, some flow off my hands.. and also noticed a lighter skin shade and for some weird reason.. my lips have become lighter (i always wanted that. lol)...
  13. pheww.. scared me there.. thanx alot speedracer.. hahaa.. you restored my faith! i'm starting to moisturize my skin at night now.. didnt do it before and it got so dry during the day time.. and i started to develop fine lines on my chin.. but today my skin feels pretty good today... lines are disappearing... the bumbs are not really getting bigger.. i hope they do disappear after a while... i heard the new C&C Morning Glow Moisturizer is really good... i hope they get it to Canada soon...
  14. is it available in Canada? i've heard great stuff about this moisturizer.. I live in Toronto by the way... thanx
  15. i've had a few bad days.. sigh... speedracer: do you get like rough skin with bumbs after using this reg? like for me.. everywhere else is fine.. it's just my chin..i've getting really bad bumbs after each zit.. the redmarks are fading but these damn bumbs are so annoying.!!!!!! slow slowly losing my faith... [-o<