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  1. Sunlight seems to make my skin better, partly because I tan easily and red marks look less red, but I can also feel a difference. I think it's because of the vitamin D that's produced. The way we live now, boxed up in offices and houses, it's completely unnatural and leads to unnatural levels of sunlight. I wonder whether SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is really a deficiency in sunlight and vitamin D. The only trouble for people with acne is that because our skin is in such a bad state by th
  2. The treatment for excess sweat is called Iontophoresis
  3. I just watched a TV programme about someone with extremely sweaty hands and feet - a sweat gland problem which affects one in a hundred people. The only treatment that has been found is to pass mild electric current through the hands/feet/scalp/underarms etc - which significantly reduces the activity of the glands. The doctor on the programme said that no one knows why electricity works, only that it does - for weeks or months, until another top-up session of treatment is needed. It's often sai
  4. Beer makes my skin bad, but wine and spirits don't affect it that much. So this makes me think it's not the alcohol that causes the problem but the sugar in the beer, or the barley and hops, which is basically grain.
  5. I've tried different supplements for acne, zinc, vitamin A, B complex, B5, Taurine, etc - but none of them have helped. Without them I still have acne, but at least my body feels more in balance. I notice that when people have successes with a vitamin it's usually part of a wider change in lifestyle or benzoyl peroxide, so I'm not convinced anymore that supplements improve skin.
  6. I'm glad its working. How long have you been taking vitamin A to get those results? And are you sure its not the BZ scrub and other treatments you're using?
  7. No improvement so far - possibly worse in fact. Looks like it could be back to the drawing board.
  8. Fructose doesn't cause acne..?? I know I'm going against the grain here, but I'll try to explain what I'm thinking. The theory is that fructose, glucose and carbohydrates (which are all basically sugar) get turned into fatty triglycerides in the liver; our bodies then get rid of all this through sebum which has a high triglyceride content. Also, all this sugar raises insulin levels, which in turn raises male hormones, which leads to greasy skin. This theory makes a lot of sense and I think
  9. I'm going to try Taurine and I'll update on how it goes. Thanks LiliVG for the info. I thought I'd tried every medication and diet there is but I've not heard about Taurine before. Hopefully...!
  10. I tried B5 taking up to 10 grams but it didn't make any difference to the oily skin or spots. I wonder whether some people who experienced an improvement got it from other supplements they were also taking without realising it. I've tried everything to stop acne and I'm now wondering if plain old vitamin A is the answer. (seeing as accutane and retinoids all come from it)
  11. Hi there, I've been trying a low carb and low glycemic diet, based on the idea which you find recommended all over the internet - that high carbohydrate food and high glycemic foods raise insulin levels, increase male hormones, and increase sebum production. This diet hasn't done a thing to my acne (although may have made it worse) and I've realised there's a big problem with the carb theory. It's often said that people in Asian countries like Korea and Japan have had good skin because they h