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  1. If the accutane is not from a foriegn country they only give u the exact amount of accutane u need. So no left overs
  2. Lol, your doctor is just talking crap... "accutane causes more suicides in the US." Show me prove of how many suicide cases linking to accutane. Then look at population US vs UK...
  3. Yes, Blistex Regular (blue) does wonders. Gotta apply it many times during the day, not a big deal. Accutane cost me way over 300$ in Canada but I have no insurance. I heard from most people insurance covers it well.
  4. I would say "Go for it" But those arent the right words. The correct words should be "WTF R U WAITING FOR".. Dont waste your life with this flaw man go and get accutane. I had the same problem as you... large pores and all filled with crap and it was nothing compared to some pics i seen. I am goign to my final year in high school, and guess what... I am clear. WHY? because I got sick and tired of having pimples.. I said to myself.. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH I aint wasting no more money on Stupid creams
  5. I wash my hands like 100 times a day. Every chance I get. If I touch my face.. I run away and wash it :ph34r:
  6. No, Accutane shouldnt be the reason for your balls hurting. You might of just hit it or sat a bad way and hurt it.
  7. good question... Can anybody answer this?
  8. Ya, Accutane doesnt effect your workouts... If it did I wouldnt be able to take it... If I stop working out I feel bad Also on the creatine topic, why would buy a creatine powder.... Its cheaper and without sugars.. 30$ CAD lasted me 7 months and going. The brand is ProLab.. check it out.
  9. It happened to me once aswell, my routine was 2x 40mg one day and 40mg the next. So I just did 40mg, and 40mg again for the next day so it wouldnt leave my system.
  10. I Almost finished my course of acctuane. I ate tuna everyday for the course. My skin is now clear and it didnt effect my health or made me sick from eating tuna. So dont worry about it at all. Just procceed with the course and in the end you will be clear, I promise you its all worth it.
  11. Thank you guys thebignosebandit: In 15 days it will be 5 1/2 months. I still have 15 more days to go to finish the full course. The oil production I noticed stopped at around 1 month and I didnt have oil on my skin anymore it was great. It took 2 month for the acne to almost stop, but then I had a few huge zits but only around 2/3 one after another rest was clear. 4th month I was already healing the blackheads were gone and I discovered I can finally use lotion. The begining of this month I
  12. Hey guys! If anyone remembers some of my posts crying about acctucane not clearing me up. Well the day finally came. I am finally clear of acne, I dont have a single zit on me and only 1 red mark which is gone aswell because I am nicly tanned now too. I had 0 side effects from acctuane and I am very pleased with it. Dry lips and dry face does occour but I just put lotion on and my face acctually looks good.... lotion always made it nasty and greasy but not any more, I have normal skin I CANT BE
  13. I have tried very little moisurizers, but in the past I tried the aleo vera one but it was kinda greasy and I hate that. It made my face shine but it was the best one I tried the rest were just pure garbage. Can anyone suggest one that doesnt do that, I bet alot of you folks know what I am talking about exactly. I am on accutane, and in the morning I get dry around my mouth.
  14. Ha, You got ripped off like me back in the day. My first prescription was Stieva and teracycling. It did nothing. 0!!!! and teracycling made me throw up very often as soon as I would take it. But i still finished the course and it did nothing.. Retin-A did something very lil but ya it was much better then Stieva.... Btw I am in canada and we do have Retin-A