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  1. Really, wow what a bummer. Acne must be rare in Canada? It's not rare, it's just that because of how the health care system is set up in Ontario, there's very few dermatologists. Because of the lack of competition, they tend to suck and not care very much about their patients. Because they don't have to.
  2. I get that you want your skin to be perfect. But what you're concerned about really is trivial.
  3. It makes me feel worse, because it reminds me of all the scars on my face. The worse is when someone recommends acne scar treatment not realizing that I consider it everyday, but there's no good dermatologists around where I live.
  4. Ontario, Canada. Because there's literally no dermatologists worth seeing for acne scar treatment.
  5. I cope by avoiding mirrors and wearing my glasses around mirrors like the plague. I also avoid harsh lighting. Sad but true. If I had good 20/20 vision, I don't know how I'd cope.
  6. Hi Kevin, Whoa are the doctors that are good at subcision, TCA cross, and fillers?