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  1. OH I am soooo sorry to hear about the lines!! Grab some moisturizer!!! I have had that same issue with Tazerac.. Never will I make that mistake again! Went out and just bout C&C blackhead scrub SA, C&C oil control moisturizer SA, and I already have the BP 10% wash and also BP leave-on. Gunna mix the SA scrub wit the BP soap. Then I will mix SA oil control wit BP leave on. Wish me luck! I will update y'all! HUGS!
  2. I will have to try this! What kind of light moisterizer should I use perferably with shine control? I am REALLY amazed at how well this has helped y'all. I am sorry for those of y'all it didnt help.
  3. Why do people always feel the need to talk trash about wonderful people with great self-esteems? Maybe because they lack it themselves...
  4. Hey Gang! I have been searching the forums and can't seem to find many reviews on any good oil control lotions or gels. I want some input PLEASE on what brands y'all use to keep the oil at bay. Something that I can wear under my make-up. Is there a good product review on here that I am not finding? I found a mini one. It would be cool to have something like MUA. I feel like my face looks like an oil spill after just a few hours from washing. I don't like blotting, either. I just feel
  5. I hem up my own pants with my sewing machine. Hand stitching sux and takes toooo long! But if ya can't sew or don't wanna learn the clothing cleaners will hem them for about $10. Well, I know I had to call around to get $10 or less. Maybe you could call around and see? I hate all clothes and wish we didn't notice that it was a bad thing not to wear them! I would so totally go Adam and Eve