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  1. Appreciate the feedback. I have a derminator but just wanted to get some professional work with bells and whistles I guess. I’ll keep shopping around and do the needling at home. Thanks, peeps.
  2. I’ve improved most of my major scars with subcision and now want to move on to the medium and milder ones. I’m entertaining microneedling with PRP, and was given a quote from a local plastic surgery office. I live in a high cost of living area but even I was surprised at how much I was quoted for 3 microneedling with PRP sessions ($1,200/session!). Putting aside the big question of whether that’s worth it, what SHOULD this procedure cost, roughly? This just feels really high.
  3. @kitsliv45 absolutely nailed the Novick review above. I had multiple subcision treatments with him, and have stopped treating. He did not treat my shallower scars any different than my deeper ones. He is not great at tailoring treatment to your scars. I never got the sense he was invested in my success. And yes, he is REALLY pricey. But in terms of technique, I got amazing results in my deepest rolling scars. I think he is great if your scar type fits his technique - if you have deep rollin
  4. My question sort of relates to this one -- who are the best USA acne scar doctors for the *next generation*? Rullan and Novick will retire eventually. Who is out there, under 50, and learning how to incorporate into their practice the things we talk about here every day?
  5. I don't think it's the best advice to just ignore mirrors. That ensures that normal everyday things like mirrors and (what I obsess about) bad lighting - become high risk objects which threaten the normalcy of your day. What @totalbeautyaddict is talking about touches on BDD too. While our scars our real, for many of us here our obsession is physical AND mental. So, you have to adopt a strategy that combats that pit-in-your-stomach feeling. So in my effort to battle the bad days, I just make su
  6. I did a consult with him recently but chose not to work with him. My issue is that he basically refused my request for an "a la carte" approach ... he preferred a bundle of services which is not something I was interested in. I did not visit his Old Bridge office so maybe that's why I was not asked to do a phone consult. It's still worth it to do the consult - at a minimum it's cheap advice. And everyone is different - maybe you'll like what he has to offer. Please let me know how it goes. B
  7. Great questions. I think the community here undervalues basic day to day care, because we are so lost in the bigger issues. I guess I can really only speak for myself but I'm sure you guys understand. But to your point, @QuanHenry, a good regimen can soften the skin and at decrease the harshness of our scars. I'm constantly experimenting with new products, but the best regimen I've found is as follows: AM - * Cetaphil gentle foam cleanser * Reviva labs antioxidant + vitamin c serum
  8. Thanks guys. Really helpful. I just want to be as informed as possible so when I converse with the practitioner I can have the most educated conversation possible.
  9. Does anyone know of or has anyone read a legitimate, convincing study on the efficacy of RF needling? I've been researching for a long time without finding anything other than small sample size studies which (1) only briefly refer to risks and (2) don't thoroughly address good candidates vs bad. When I asked a doctor with whom I have been treating about RF needling, he pretty much scoffed and called it junk science with more risks than reward - which took me by surprise. So so since the
  10. I've wondered about this too - in the blunt cannula method, how would the doctor know where to place filler, considering (1) they've created a pocket across a large area and (2) microswelling likely starts quickly? I know they'd probably mark the scars before hand, but even so how will filler stay in the right place if there is a fanning motion being used to break tethers and there is new space over a large area? @jaspa0411 - would love to hear more about your experience. Best of luck.
  11. OwnDoc sends you earplugs for a reason. I use them and it eases my anxiety. Sounds like you are doing it right - start off slow and build. Best of luck.
  12. This topic has probably been discussed on here and I missed it, so sorry. But my questions: 1. How do you choose the right device between Infini, Intensif, eMatrix, etc.? 2. Does the device matter less than the practitioner? 3. For moderate scars (not mild but not severe), is it best to do 3-4 consecutive RF sessions, or intersperse with other modalities (TCA peel and maybe subcision for deeper scars)? I am strongly considering RF for the first time but my reading of studies on PubMed is
  13. I agree with this statement from my personal experience (my deeper subcised scars responded WAY better than my mild) and i STILL can't wrap my brain around the concept. So, we know, physiologically, many scars will continue to atrophy as we age and lose collagen. Does this idea - that subcision is better for medium or deep scars rather than mild to moderate - mean that it would behoove those of us with moderate scarring (which will worsen with time!) to wait as long as we can stand it to start
  14. Wow, Quan. You have had tremendous improvement. I hope your confidence and swagger is back. You are staring this challenge head on and hitting time and healing milestones with np. You should be proud. Please know that there are a ton of people who lurk here and don't pipe up much (I'm generally one of them) but who are finding/will find inspiration and fortitude from you. So thank you. All the publicly available web pages say he has been in practice for 40+ Years. So do the math and
  15. Also, with CROSS the level of success depends a LOT on the nature of the scar. Boxcars will get shallower but wider, but true ice picks - very narrow and very deep - will raise up. Everyone's skin is different and everyone heals differently from different treatments, but this is medical science. I am concerned that your search for the perfect photo might make you crazy. I wish you the best.