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  1. Hi Is there a significant difference when you apply BP twice a day as opposed to once?? I try to do twice a day as much as possible but im quite insecure and have to apply make up after i wash my face in the morning, which is hard to apply after first putting on BP and then mosituriser.. using it once a day, i get about 2 new spots a day.
  2. i wash twice a day now, 3 times if ive done strenuous exercise. inflamed mainly. apart from all the blackheads.
  3. wow these posts are exactly how i feel. my acne is pretty bad right now and i cant even leave the house without make up. hell im scared to leave my room and let my flatmates see me. yes, i dont understand how any guy finds me attractive when my skin is so awful. i look at myself and all i see is big angry blotches, fucking up my face and my life. i cant take compliments cos i think people are really just laughing at me. when guys tell me i look pretty or hot, i try and picture how i look and pi
  4. OK here goes.. Had spots since i was about 13, never very bad though, just a pimple a week or something. When i was 16 started a full time job, got lots of lovely bacteria on my hand and rubbed it in my face.. started getting more spots. To combat this i stupidly decided that washign my face at any givn moment was the answer. 6 months of washing my face least 10 times a day, predictably resulted in oilier skin and the most spots i had ever seen on my face. Went to doctors, got Panoxyl & Zin
  5. Soo basically, been on DKR for a year and a half, but it lost a big part of its efficacy after about 6 months, but ive been trudging through for the last year to see if it would get better. Well it hasn't. Went to the doctors this week, who recommended the pill as the next step. Fair enough! Just got few questions though, im currently on a diet, i know that the pills reputed to make women gain weight, is this in all cases?? what have you experienced in terms of weight gain/loss?? Also, im an i
  6. chin, front of cheeks and my nose, especially the annoying ones at the fold where the side of your nose meets the cheek. rarely ever on my forehead, or on the sides of my face or temples. just right at the front..
  7. ok thanks for replying everyone i think im gonna try some acv for a couple of months to see if there is much improvement anyway, but i wont get my hopes up. Are there any vitamin etc supplements that people would recommend??
  8. your skins looking awesome! hope the regimen keeps working for you
  9. haha it is amazing what genes can do.. Still, i find stress is also a big factor too. Its completely illogical, but when i go on drinking binges for a few days, my skin clears up like crazy. I dont know what else it could be other than when im drunk im always happy. Festivals are happy places..
  10. Been looking into this, just wondering whether theres many out there who have tried it for an extended period of time and what their views are on it. Does it continue working etc. Any comments or help and id be grateful
  11. I agree. If i have children with acne, i will make damn sure they have a general understanding of what to do and what not to do. In fact i might drag them to the doctors the day the breakout. A little embarrassment in visiting the doctors initially is a small price compared to potentially years of struggling acne.
  12. Last time i was completely clear, meaning no active acne or healing spots, was about a fortnight ago. Last time i was completely clear, meaning no active acne, no healing spots, no red marks and an even complexion was 2 years ago. Ahh to be 16 once again.
  13. been on this for a week, seems to be working good, certainly noticed a decrease in new spots and old ones are healing fast.. but has everyone whos tried this had the massive breakouts about 2 or 3 weeks into this regime?? im asking as next week is important for me, and i want my skin to be as clear as possible..
  14. ......... either you stroll around naked 24/7 or youre one big hypocrite
  15. Out of curiousity, even though youre understandably moortified, do you still like this guy? It sounds like he liked you alot, and possibly could, still. I mean if he doesnt like you after feeling your face (*shakes head* silly, silly men) then obviously hes no good. But if hes just ashamed (and rightfully so) of himself for acting like such a compleeeete twatface at the feel of a couple of scars, and thats why hes not contacted you, would you be able to date him again? Im not at all suggesting t