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  1. Did you even read what she wrote? And stop typing like your in elementary school. Prep, i'm sorry to hear that story. I've been through the SAME exact situation where I start to develop feelings for this girl by talking to her over AIM, but in real life, I could never face her. Getting new spots never gets easier to deal with, so find a way to deal with it. Do you use make-up/foundations? AND DONT POP. I know its super hard to do, but always think in the long run. YEEEeaaa
  2. I don't follow wat Melacholy Molly b sayin bout blockin them posts its like me sayin i wanna drink sum CRUNK JUICE after i throw it in the trash y u blockin peeps then wantin to c wat they b sayin yo? SKEET SKEET!
  3. Eat tha greens raw / cooked jus as long as u is eatin them playa!
  4. a lil bit of CRUNK JUICE neva hurt nobody is tha truth!
  5. don't worry bout them evil acnes just live ya life n be tha best ya can be and think of tha future OKAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaayYYYYYYY!!!
  6. Also, u should try smokin' a joint or sumthin' so u won't b so stressed out bout life n shit yo.
  7. Tell that ho ''move bitch, get out tha way!'' from yo acne fix. If she can't see u gotsta get some DkR, then she don't know shizt about them acne eVills. OKkkkkkkayyyyyyyyyyy!!
  8. If yo proud of ya hood, rep that shit. Don't be scared! Throw it up and push that shit fo sho! Yeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!
  9. Rep yo city mang! Don't be scared! Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkaaaaayyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!