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  1. Hey! Sorry this is so late- I didn't see you'd replied. I've been on accutane for 5 months now, and am completing my sixth month. I think dry lips and sunburn have been my worst side effects- I did not realise how serious I would need to be about sunscreen, went crazy the first time the UK saw sun, and had such a bad burn it took over a week to heal. It coming back is something I am quite worried about- I'm finally going travelling after years of wanting to because I feel comfortable enough to
  2. Hi guys. I've been meaning to post on here for ages, and will hopefully get around to doing before and after photos, but for the first time since I was about 13, I've got clear skin!! I started accutane on the 21st January. I had previously given up dairy, which worked for a few months and then the spots returned. It took a good few months into Accutane for me to see a big difference, with some AWFUL breakouts in between. I started with a month on 20mg, then continued with 40mg. Side effects I