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  1. Haw, I'm sitting here waiting for someone to turn up because I've spent the last three months making up excuses and my creativity has turned dry. WE'RE SUCH FAILURES
  2. Yahoo answers is the cesspit of the internet, wherein lurk all the failures of humanity and the sort of people who should ideally be shot and dumped off a bridge. It makes /b/ look like a friendly family forum for swapping cake recipes, seriously. Don't take what these people say to heart.
  3. Heya hey heya hey hey HEEEY =D

  4. hello timmity tim tim. how are you?

  5. Glad to hear it :)

    Weller fans seem few and far between these days, the man is just too damn good.

  6. This stuff is BRILLIANT! Accutane has taken a metaphorical sledghammer to my face and left me with hideously rough skin that cracks and breaks out at the slightest provocation, and my dove soap wasn't doing anything for me. It honestly felt as if I was running my face over sandpaper. The other week I was reading something about how Lady Castlemaine or some other famously hot mistress like that used to wash their face with milk, honey and oatmeal to be ~*boootiful*~. And fuck me, those old royal
  7. I used to, before I took a good hard look through my sketchbook and realised how bloody awful it all was. Plus, my favourite pencil broke. :'[ I haven;'t the heart to go and buy a new one.
  8. Mine all turned into hard cystic lumps towards the end of month three. They're now starting to clear up just over a month later - my left side is completely clear of them, but I'm still breaking out on my right side.
  9. Don't worry guys, JESUS WILL SAVE US ALL! Lost your job? Don't worry, jesus will fix it. Suddenly contracted a horrible embarrassing disease? Jesus, people. Jesus. Just jumped off of Beachy Head and on your way to an excrutiating bone-crushing death? Those rocks will look a little less fatal if you accept jesus into your life today, folks. JESUS.
  10. I'm pretty sure that in ten years I'll be dying alone upside down on a pub toilet.
  11. This post made me laugh so hard. Thank you, Mr. JAC, for restoring my faith in my own superiority of perception.
  12. I used to do this a lot, it got to the point where I couldn't even pick up change from a shop counter because my hands were shaking so much. I went off my pills long ago because they effectively turned me into a deranged maniacal schizophrenic.
  13. Don't be sad Calibos, you can have my babies if you want. I'll boil you as many bunnies as you like! Glad you're feeling better.
  14. I do moisturise, and only wash my face twice a day as I've been taught to do my entire life. Should I cut back to merely once a day, then? How strange. And what do you mean by soapless soap? I use dove sensitive cleansing bar, and it's never done me any harm before in my 3+ years of using it. Thanks though, and your skin looks magnificent in your recent pictures!