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  1. I continue to deal with this issue. My regimen is generally effective, but I'm not winning the battle. It's amazing how much the condition looks like acne at times. Take a look at the following picture of flatwart infection. It's not my picture, but it might as well be. Ref: http://www.healthyskinandmore.com/warts.htm Now that summer is over, I'm going to completely stop shaving for the first time in my life.
  2. Does it look anything like this? http://dermatlas.med.jhmi.edu/derm/IndexDi...geID=-132807985 I'm not diagnosing you, but I stumbled upon it the other day.
  3. I'm amazed how pain-free my face is becoming. I touch my face in the affected areas, and it feels very different. The last few days I have added 400 IU of vitamin E to my standard multivitamin.
  4. Since I've been treating this way, I have not had anywhere near the urge to scratch or pick at the affected areas. Previously I was unconsciously bothering with it and removing heavy scabbing. Removing the scab released the itchy stress. I was also pulling hairs, thinking it's a way to stop the acne. This explains why I was continuing to have problems in the same spot for months or even years. I think knocking off the BP and clindamycin, and being off Accutane of course, helped to stop the
  5. Since my original post, I've been treating my face as if it has a viral condition instead of bacterial. I've reduced my usage of the BP. Instead, I've been using Neutrogena 2% OTC salicyic products constantly. I wash with their body wash, then I treat with it. I use rapid-clear spot gel after gentle shaving, it has alcohol which should sterilize any opened sores from spreading. After a half hour, I moisturize with Anti-Wrinkle/Anti-Blemish cream, which includes Retinol. Any red spots I to
  6. You might think this is funny (a picture of gym patrons avoiding using the steps): http://www.absolutely-funny-humor.com/funn...lides/Gymn.html
  7. I forgot to mention one of the side-effects is a lighter wallet, unless you have prescription insurance coverage. Mine would have been about $270 or $540 per month for 40 or 80 mg per day, depending on dosage.
  8. Treat Accutane as a last resort if your acne is moderate, but don't take no as an answer if everything else has not worked. Please understand the side effects before proceeding with it. The side effects are real. If you feel the side effects are worth the potential cure, do it.
  9. I have problems in the same spot you do. Have you tried a salicylic body wash? There is an orange "clean and clear" pump bottle, but if you go into a large drugstore or wal-mart they will have a generic brand for less money. Wash your body with normal deodorant soap, rinse, and then wash with this salicylic body wash soap. By using the regular soap first, you need much less of the more expensive medicated soap to lather up, and it works better too. If this tends to dry you skin, you ma
  10. Please note that some water softeners remove chlorine from the water, resulting in unprotected water between the softener and the spigot. The resulting bacteria could be the source of the problem, I think it contributes to mine. I figure since I see a red film on the showerhead and in the coffee maker resovoir over time. Perhaps run the softener in "bypass" a few days to let the chlorine disinfect the lines. Be sure to use some bleach in with your towels. If you have colored towels, use t
  11. Hi there - my first post. I've stopped here over the last couple years as I was seeing a dermatologist. I've had problems with my face ever since I was in grade school. I had a constant irritating rash, and the family doctor called it "impetigo". Reaching teenage years, I developed acne, but nothing terrible. Years go by, and now I'm 40, still having problems with irritated areas of acne/folliculitis, mostly in the beard area (I shave daily). I decided to get serious about solving my moder