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  1. actually i believe there are pple reading..but just that not all reply.. anyway congrats on ur clear skin
  2. hey madeline .. u're from singapore also right.. may I know which doctor you are seeing ..having a breakout now.. too.. dunno whether to try accutane a not.. currently on doxy with retin A.. anyway congrats on ur speedy improvement.
  3. Hi.. I just had a big breakout from dan regimen.. mainly big pimples!.. now most of them are gone after stopping the regimen..leaving the red marks.. and some scars..argh.. I tot all will be fine after stopping the regimen as big pimples are under control.. but on the other hand.. a lot of small whiteheads are coming out!!!.. hmm are whiteheads the right word/ those that are not very visible unless certain lighting or angle .. no pus kind.. it's really a lot..therefore hoping to get some help
  4. Hi I have read all the 75 pages of the entire thread..and started on the ACV regimen .. since yesterday hope to revive this thread a bit.. hehe.. had a lot of breakout from dan BP..therefore decide to stop..after week 4.. big cysts start to form.. and now I have a lot of red/brown marks leaving over.. those big marks.. so i decided to give ACV a try.. so that I can faster get rid of these marks as well as the new scars..hopefully can reduce them to minimal and to mary .. the thing about drin
  5. Hi guys.. I'm one of those who started on on DKR.. but during my 4th week.. which is this week.. I start getting cystic acne.. which is rare for me nowadays..very sad.. now having lots of big pimples on my face.. which I conclude that I should stop DKR and move on to something else. I'm pretty interested in this regimen. But I dun think I suit all the criteria here.. I have back acne.. quite bad too.. My parents do not have acne problem.. my mum used to have pimples that's all... I was wonder
  6. Hi guys.. I have came upon this thread.. cos Dan regimen is making me breaking out like hell. I'm currently in week 4.. had normal breakout at week 2-3 but during the past 5-6 days.. I've been having big pimples and even 1 cystic pimple.. which is like what christineM was experiencing except that mine was on the cheek area.. I had decided to drop Dan regimen and wait for a few days and start trying out this regimen.. hope all goes well ..gd luck folks
  7. Day 26 : My face is breaking out more and more! Left cheek : 3 pimples formed over these 3 days!!! not the veri small 1.. quite big!.. I drain 2 of them.. and the 3rd is still out there.. I could see that a 4th pimple may be coming out.. Right cheek : I drained the big pimple on my right cheek 2 days ago, it was really really big.. cyst. .I'm sure of.. How come this week I keep having very big pimples.. really sad.. The 3-4 big pimples are super obvious even from far.. Really dunno what
  8. my face is really breaking out like hell now.. Left cheek.. 2 big pimples and 1 small 1.. Right side.. 1 big size cysts..which i drained.. now is big red bumps.. arghhh and I think my left cheek got another 1 gg to become pimple soon.. I didnt have this b4 or during the 1st 3 weeks of my regimen.. how come week 4 is so terrible..
  9. Have anyone experience this ? I seldom get cysts, but right now, I have like 2 cysts on my face. Am at week 4 of the regimen.. arghhh..so sad now..
  10. thanks rg1223.. i think my average time in sun is about 5-10 mins on bus in the morning at 8.30 when i'm gg work..and another 5-10 mins during lunch time when i'm gg for my lunch. However, i do play some sports in the weekend late afternoon like 4-5pm. Is this consider a lot of sun that I do require spf moisturizer?
  11. Thanks elsewhere .. but what i'm actually scared of.is. will the bp+ moisturizer makes my skin more sensitive? as in more sensitive to sun (burnt/pigmentation) cos my moisturizer is without any spf. I have also read that bp actually causes skin premature aging..and makes scar/wound heal slower due to the reduction in collagen.
  12. Hi guys.. Think I shall start a blog here. I have had acne since 4 yrs ago . I'm 24 this year. I had tried various help like retin A / differin/ antibiotics / ro-accutane / med-lite laser/PCA peel/ facial but none of which seems to cure me and most of them causes me breakout. Only retin A manage to curb it for like half a year but after which lots of small pimples appear, causing me to stop it as well. My condition b4 I started the DKR. Lots of small whitehead on my cheeks. I'm currently on t
  13. Hi guys.. this is my 4th week doing DKR. When I applied the moisturer 10 mins after I applied BP, I can feel a burning sensation on my skin. I still feel it now though less than what I feel during the start of the regimen. During the 1st 2 weeks, I realised my skin tone darkened a lot and at the end of the 2nd week, my skin starts to flake a lot, I could see the skin flakes being darker colour, and the area of the flaking on my skin being lighter than the rest resulting in uneven skin tone. Do