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  1. Well, I too was prescribed Retin-a, and from what i know it gradually peels your skin, so your skin becomes thiner and the sun becomes your worst enemy, Basically you have to apply Retin-a only at night and stay in doors as much as you can and always wear sun-block, a hat, an umbrella anything and everything to keep your face out of the sun, that's were the red marks are coming from, .025% isn't a very strong solution so it's got to be the sun. Keep apply the retin-a and stay out of the sun an
  2. the doctor said it usually takes up to 3 months to see results and she said i'll be on it for about 4 months. the first two months, you take two pills a day then you switch to one a day for the last 2 months. Also, in case anybody wanted to know, i asked my doc. what's gonna keep me clear since Septra is an antibiotic and acne usually comes back worse after you take an antibiotic and she said retin-a would do that and i can use that for as long as i want Good luck to you Guyfrom IL, keep it u
  3. Yes, they do but let me just say the clinque products did nothing for my face AT ALL it was all the Septra and retina
  4. Thanks acne_battle, and belive me you will be some day.
  5. I don't know if Clindoxyl gel is similiar to Clindamycin but I know you should be using Retin-a at night so use Clindoxyl during the day after you wash you face in the morning and please, please stick with retin-a I did and it's only been a month a 1/2 and i'm completley clear, i had an inital break-out as well but it's so worth it, are you taking an antibotic?
  6. It pretty much says it in my signature, but if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask.
  7. I've been using Septra Bactrim for 1 month and 17 days and I'm clear, my face feels so smooth and is getting less oily but only slightly. I'm also using Clindamycin and Retin-a micro .1% just thought i'd come back and share the good news! Feel free to ask any questions.
  8. Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel is awesome, but only on oily skin, If your skins a bit dryer you'll need to use a moisturizer, I put Aloe Vera on oily spots(t-panel) and Clinque Antioxidant Mositurzer spf 25 on dry spots.
  9. bear in mind that with any anti-biotic and usually any topical there is a purging process, maybe you could look around to see if people purged with brevoxyl, I'm using retin-a micro and the doc. said some people reported up to 2months before purging period was over. so even though it's hard, be patient and consistent that way whether it works or not your time isn't wasted, you'll know for sure these don't work for you and you can move on to something that does! Good luck!
  10. I would say give it another month and then go back to derm and tell her/him that you're seeing small improvement but not enough, then she can devise a back up plan for you. Best Wishes
  11. cherry bunny, is your skin clear? how long were u using retin-a?
  12. Ask if Bactrim a.k.a. Septra would be right for you, it's used to treat Staph Infections and other serious infections and is also prescribed for acne, i've been using it for a little over a week and am already seeing results. Also, ask for a topical to use at the same time, i'm using retin-a micro and the two together are showing improvement. Do you have cystic acne or non?
  13. hatemenow, i'm worried about the same thing, i've only been on septra/batcrim for a little over a week but i'm seeing a small improvement and i'm worried that once i get off all the acne will come back or be worse, the derm said i could use retin-a-micro to keep acne at bay but i'm not sure if that'll be enough, are you using any topicals right now? or washes?
  14. Well Im seeing a small improvement in my facial acne. There aren't too many new pimples coming up and those that are, are pretty small that i really don't have a problem with. The spots where i already had pimples did get bigger but i assume that's the retin-a doing it's purging process and they are on the decline cycle. And two pimples i had when i started went away and this is kinds gross but as they started to dry out, what was inside my pores started to come out but instead of liquidy puss i
  15. Thanks so much for your support guys, it really made me smile and warmed my heart, i know it's funny cause i don't know you and this is over the internet but knowing there are people like me out there experiencing the same feelings really helps me to overcome the emotional affects acne leaves on a person. Anywho, on a brighter note, today was a great day! It was my lil. sisters birthday and it was awesome, i made her a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting ,<~ her favorite! and my face look