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  1. Thanks for your reply. I didn't try Dan's regimen but I am pretty sure it won't work. I have been on BP for a whole year. I could keep only my forehead clear wiith cause my cheeks were irriated too much through it. I've already tried drinking much water but it didn't help that much.
  2. Does anybody here break out "periodically" like me? After having a major breakout in May 2003 because of deep depressions, I managed to get myself %95 clear in May 2004. I stayed the same way without achieving further improvement for about 1 month but it was still ok. But from this point I started to break out once again. Apart from occassional mega-breakouts caused by bad psychological situations, I notice that I am breaking out exactly 2 times per week. -I get only painful cysts. Almost no
  3. I had been almost clear for about 6 weeks. I still used to get two or three zits every week but they always healed in a short time. Last week I had a really bad fight with my girlfriend and spent a whole day alone at home thinking about nothing but her. I've had a very bad day on which everything went wrongly and she made it even worse by acting like a child. It was so bad that I was already thinking of dumping her... So I was stressed as hell. I could already feel toxins being pumped down into
  4. I applied a bit too much but only to the spots I had. Anyway you can't control it well cause it'll smear all over the area. Don't touch that thing!!! You WILL regret it.
  5. Yes if you would like to do the same fault I did in Jul 03 and suffered from until Oct. You'll get super clear skin but at first you have to bear having burns of the ?? degree on your face for a couple of months.
  6. No. It's the worst thing I've ever taken. Took 3 months to make a change and left my skin extremely sensitive. New zits take much longer to heal and always leave red marks or scars. Try flushing your liver first.
  7. This stuff is really good but doesn't work for all kinds of zits. If you have whiteheads and blackheads, it's a very quick and effective solution. But cysts and blemishes can't be treated with it. Speaking about my case - it works greatly on my forehead but causes a lot of irritation when I use on my cheeks.
  8. Wrinkles make a woman look old - a man, however, attractive! I remember having some on my forehead as I was 16 or 17, but for some strange reasons there aren't any now.
  9. They work great but not for all kinds of acne. I got myself exactly a year ago a bottle of their cleanser. I used it everyday to keep my forehead and it worked really well. I used it up only yesterday and I can notice that my forehead is breakout out again! So I guess I will just buy another one... The soap is not bad at all but not that necessary. It makes the skin smoother for a while and reduces the irritation a little bit...
  10. My method (works pretty well for me, gets rid of almost everything in 1 month): (0- If you've been on Accutane, do a liver flush! It's vital for your skin to be able to heal again.) 1- Forget about vinegar. IMO It does nothing except making your skin smoother for a few hours. 2- Don't apply any acne treatments to the red marks in order not to irritate them. 3- Apply warm water in which camomile flowers had been soaked for an hour to your whole face. This helps reduce the inflammation. 4- Use a
  11. I never said that it's so by everybody but I am 100% sure about my case.