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  1. The immune system is affected by diet. As is inflammation. Therefore, bacterial infection. Every single one of those 'dimensions' have already been named and explained to you by us. And every single one is affected by diet. Btw, there are many more dimensions causing acne, already mentioned in prior posts, also affected by diet. You didn't even mention hormones. And we have thought about it all. And, unlike you obviously, researched it. And unlike you, we know what we are talking about
  2. Do what your MD tells you, if you don't want a high does, dont take accutane. Accutane is meant to be taken in high doses
  3. True, but I simply said it was a factor, not a cause. You failed to address the other two.
  4. Name a few of these dimensions, and back it up with a source, please. Haha, you thought you got me didn't you? " Anatomy of the hair follicle: Hair follicles exist on virtually all skin except for the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. Inside the follicle, the hair extends up from the deep layers of the skin and comes out of a pore. Near the surface, the oil gland (sebaceous gland) enters the hair follicle where it empties oil (sebum) at a relatively constant rate. The
  5. Couldn't agree more. You are trying to claim that a change in diet can clear anyone's acne? The problem has way more dimensions than that, sorry.
  6. It doesn't sound the slightest bit ridiculous. Refined sugars, which contribute to everyone's acne by causing insulin spikes which stimulate hormone production and overload the liver so it can't do as good a job regulating hormones, are included in the carbs Brian avoids. Hello. People have individual sensitivities that vary in extremity. That is a fact. And if Shelia has noted breaking out from green beans, she probably is allergic or intolerant to them. Legumes are a common allergen a
  7. Didnt expect everyone to get so annoyed. I'm clear now, but diet didn't help me at all, and just wasted time that I could be using to get real treatment. Just trying to help people out from my experience. I love it when people just 'make stuff up' err what did I make up?
  8. Whoa take it easy, dont just insult me blindly, doesn't really help either side here. Let's see these studies? Theres no evidence Accutane is linked to depression...And for some people, the acne comes back, I didn't say it was a god-send cure. Just better than eliminating random parts of your diet and hoping for success.
  9. The link between acne and diet, despite many attempts, has never been proven. Then why do so many people look to diet to help their skin? Because for some people, they are convinced it works. Now, I'm not saying a healthy diet is wrong, because for people here who are obese or unhealthy, maybe the idea that their acne is caused by their diet is a good thing. Don't get the wrong idea. Im all for being healthy. What is disturbing is how misguided the majority of this forum is. Diet will not g
  10. First post here, hi! Anyways I've been on Duac in the mornings and trentinoin .01% at night for about 5 months now. Im getting pretty clear, but a month into it I began flaking, but I was thinking it would go away. But now, months later I still have pretty bad flaking every day, and mousterizer doesnt always make it go away. Im wondering if it will ever go away, or if anyone has experienced flaking for this long.. wow this is annoying.