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  1. Rupert What I meant by my comments was that acne scarring is easily recognizable to the general public. No matter how severe or mild the scarring is any person can identify that it is a result of acne. While I hate the scarring I have and dread people seeing me I've never been asked about it or had it pointed out, people tend to get over it quick enough and look past it because they know what it is and where it's from. My concern is that because I have large areas of acne scarring close together
  2. Maya... I have been reading your experiences with punch excision in one of the threads on this board. While I haven't seen a photograph of how your scarring looked I think from what you have written ours may be quite similar. I don't know alot of the name of different types of scars but I have quite a few shallow indentations on my cheeks. No sharp edges or anything like that but still significant enough to notice if I'm standing with my back to the sun or under any type of lighting. I am nervo
  3. Scar Struck: I have read the threads on this board concerning TCA but none of which seem to really explain what it is. I really have no idea what TCA itself is because everyone just speaks about the results. I'm kinda new to this... maybe you could explain what it is exaclty? 8-[ Ta! Later
  4. I have heard people discussing TCA cross treatment before but have found it difficult to locate any information on it. Does anyone have any good links to pages where I can read up on the procedure. Or perhaps anyone who has used it could share their experiences. Thank-you so much guys!!! Later
  5. Hi everyone! I am new to this board but have been viewing the posts for a few weeks. Mostly I've been reading peoples experiences with subcision, punch elevation, excision and needling. And I am sooooooooo lost! I have ice pick scars and shallow type acne scars on my cheeks. Last September I got an Erbium Laser Resurfacing procedure which did nothing at all infact it had an adverse effect on my scars and I'm desperate to get something done. ](*,) I have also tried microdermabrasion and N-LITE