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  1. Thank you for your reply..... I take a shower every morning. For our diet we eat healthy. Apart from the odd takeaway 2 times a month. I can't take accutane as I already suffer from depression. Accutane has a side effect which makes people feel depressed. So it's not for me. Thanks...but I don't think it would be the same. I want to be able to have the sun on my back and not be embarrassed about it. It's most scaring and blemishes.
  2. I've had acne my whole life which has played a big part in my depression. Its all over my body, groin armpits arms legs bum back chest neck and face. Am so embarrassed about it that I've never been swimming or had my top off in the sun which i would love to do especially swimming on holiday with my young son. He asks me why won't you go in to the pool dad. My heart sinks as I know how much he wants me to have fun with him. At times its heart breaking, I feel am letting him down. I've tried s