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  1. Hey dancer4life, yes everything is working for me at the moment and I am very pleased with it. As far as red marks, I have naturally tan skin so the red marks are less apparent on me to begin with but what marks I do have are fading (I also kind of have an overall redness thing to my cheeks that is going away with time). I think that's due to a lot of factors really but more specificially the use of the facial brush to exfoliate, the vitamin e oil and the toner I use.
  2. Your sister sounds like she had the sort of acne I had. How does her skin respond to Benzoyl peroxide? I had a HELL of a time with it burning my skin and inflaming it, so I don't use it. The regimen in my sig is what I use now and I have no acne at the moment. Also, none of it is prescription. I posted a thread here about it if you want to check it out, but the essentials are listed in my sig. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/My-skin-r...33-t162704.html
  3. I dont shave my face, but my brother is wondering whether he should shave first then wash and moisturize his face or cleanse, then shave, then moisturize. Guys with experience what do you think?
  4. Hmm, well I just thought of a few more things that might apply... I also recall reading about a silicon gel, which dries as a protective coat, that one could spread over keloids (scar tissue) to minimize their size. Or what about band aids? You put a band aid over your cut so it doesn't get infected with bacteria etc and this speeds up the healing process...what if you put a giant band aid over your face...now I know it wouldn't look very attractive, but the idea?
  5. lol, i love the replies here. Maybe it could be something slightly more practical, like applying a face mask every night before bed that acts like plastic but still breathes and can be taken off in the morning....maybe it keeps the physical moisture in, keeps the dirt out. Anyway, there's got to be some scientific explanation for why this appears at least somewhat effective. I would try this out, only my acne is pretty much going away with the regime I'm using now. But if it ever does flare
  6. I also imagine that life expectancy was shorter, thus you'd have children much earlier. Another thing, people are probably healthiest in their most natural surroundings via survival of the fittest, evolutionary biology theories...thus, if you're a native living in a tribe in Africa, eating natural berries from North America might make you sick or give you acne since these are not the foods that have been around to best suit your genes. Idk if that was very clear, but hopefully you guys get the
  7. Interesting topic, I've even thought of this before... 1. Spend most of time hunting/gathering food, getting lots of exercise 2. More sleep, at least nine hours 3. Too busy hunting, less time thinking = less stress then there are all the factors you mentioned which probably do add up to having no acne.
  8. Well, thank you for your very well thought out reply... I did not say this before, but I'll mention this now. I have had acne since I was in the sixth grade (I can't remember how old that is, but only that i got severely teased at this grade). Anyway, I've been wearing glasses the whole time I've had acne. I have acne EVERYWHERE on my face...EXCEPT for underneath my glasses where there is a plastic bit over it (in fact, I have had acne directly around and next to these spots), most of my w
  9. I have acne (obviously), and I also wear glasses. I've also noticed that under the plastic/rubber nose part that rests on the bridge of my nose there is NO acne. The pores are normal, no dirt, no scars, no redness, nothing. It strikes me as an interesting phenomenon. I'll call this the "choke-out" theory. Now what if one were able to make a giant plastic piece called a "choke out" face mask. Theoretically all acne would disappear, no? Maybe I'm just thinkin' out loud...Has anyone noticed
  10. For me, any time I get my face wet I have to moisturize otherwise my face feels tight, dry and painful. So as soon as I get out of the shower I moisturize. So if I were you I'd shower soon after swimming then moisturize.
  11. Hmm, I've never heard of this fungus, but I had these bumps on my forehead (near my hair like yours) and they made me think "oh even if I get rid of my acne, I'll STILL never have good skin", but I started using a facial brush, exfoliating and fine tuning my regime and at last they are gone and I feel I've achieved a modicum of normalcy. What have you tried to get rid of them other than talking to the derm? I think it might be an exfoliation thing (since that was what happened to me), but of c
  12. Hey Constantine! My type of acne is genetic also. My brother has it and my mother has had acne all her life. It also seems like everyone on my mother's side has it but NO ONE on my father's side has acne...wth?! As for my regime, I posted it in the following thread: "My skin regime, it's working for me and my brother! Alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide" I just re-read your line about wanting to kill for the face you have now 2 years ago. lol, I TOTALLY hear you! As for dieting, the only thi
  13. Thanks for the heads up Molly. I have noticed that my face does feel a little itchy for 30-45 minutes in certain places after using the makeup, but it hasn't caused me to break out. This is part of my regime which I haven't completely worked out, but I really feel like using a suntan lotion is important and I'm not sure which one would work best. I tried one that had a tint in it (I think it was Neutrogena brand), but it made my face greasy and inflamed. In general I try to avoid makeup as m
  14. I have not tried spectrojel, but I imagine if you cleanse gently and it doesn't irritate your skin then you should be just fine. And yes, BP sucks. I tried it again a couple months back thinking perhaps if I use very little I would be fine...boy was I wrong.
  15. Wow! I have the same skin as you have described. I too have really bad blackheads on my nose, rednes all over etc...I will see other people with good skin apart from acne and I think "all you have to do is get rid of that and then you'll have perfect skin" me on the other hand, I get rid of that stuff and then on top of that I have that overall redness look and spots that come out after I wash my face before bedtime...Same damn thing. And I definitely hear you on the 'from far away it might se