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  1. I've never had good results with Dan's gel for spot treatment though. I had decent results with the Neutrogena OTS, but not as good as the MB drying lotion.
  2. get mb drying lotion instead. it works wonders on whiteheads. also they have another topical.. i forgot what it was called, but it works to prevent cystic and forming pimples
  3. What are some sunscreens you can wear on TOP of your moisturizer without getting breakouts??? I have a SPF 45 sunscreen I picked up from Publix, but I'm afraid it may break me out if I wear it on top on my face!! Summer is here and I want to enjoy my convertible!! HELP!
  4. Day 87 Update in awhile.. been going on and off Doxy b/c I couldn't take it with alcohol.. Every time I'm off, I can see a few bumps coming up. When I get back on Doxy, it definitely helps, though. Been using tretinoin and it's been very helpful at exfoliating the skin and helped improve overall appearance of the skin. Also been getting a natural tan while driving in a convertible, I wear SPF15 moisturizer everyday, but I'm beginning to think that's not enough for the harsh georgia summer sun.
  5. Day 41ish Doing really good.. I started taking Doxy 100mg x 2 per day.. doing really good. Hardly any breakouts.. I had a few whiteheads the other day because I had to stay up til 2am or so for school, but with Mario badescu drying lotion, those were zapped overnight in most cases. Im eating breakfast every day because of doxycyline and I think that's also helping with my overall health! win win situation, me thinks. Anyways, I need to get more doxy. Also going to be adding Retin-A into my r
  6. Thank for sharing your experience bluestate! I believe i've got the case of folliculitis as well.. after taking doxycycline as a part of my regimen, I started to develops odd very itchy patches of bumps on my chin and jawline area!! I was browsing through this section to read up on what to do with my blackheads and thank god I stumbled on this thread!! I purchased a 1% Nizoral shampoo at Kroger about a week back and have been using it everyday and night and letting the suds stay on my face. T
  7. wow man you had very mild acne! almost non-existent acne! so the handful of vits with the RA helped out alot huh??
  8. Day 15 missed another dose yesterday.. with the crazy work i do.. i keep forgetting to take the pills!! went on a drinking binge friday and saturday.. my stomach feels better, actually. the small whiteheads are disappearing as well! no new developments, but the raised bump on the forehead from day 12 turned into a whitehead after i neglected it.. its gone though, applied MB drying lotion, dried it up overnight. My digestion has gone down the toilet.. i feel bloated after every meal. looks li
  9. weird. so.. day 12. been having serious stomach aches. took a pepto bismol and i was fine for the night. woke up today with more stomach pains, carried on through the day. after dinner, my stools were black/brown. disturbing. I gave it a google search and it could be from increased iron consumption or from a stomach ulcer letting blood into the stomach. I'm thinkin the latter. Ulcer. Haven't even been drinking at all lately, but missed breakfast very often and lunch was at around 1-2pm. Hm
  10. Yeah, it was really hard to get off at first.. then it changed after about a week or two into it.. it came off a bit easier. on whiteheads, it'd dry it up completely and i could take it off like a scab and it'd be fresh skin underneath. when I put it on cystic acne, it was a pain to get off.. do NOT put it on cystic acne, heh.. i made the mistake. get buffering lotion for cystic acne, it works really well. I just use soap and warm/hot water and the drying lotion comes off easily now. anyw
  11. day 6. broke out in small battallion of whiteheads on my sideburn area.. tiny tiny whiteheads.. time to take care of it with drying lotion. i've been sleeping a little late lately.. need to get to bed before 12!
  12. hm. day 5 of antibiotics.. I haven't had hardly any breakouts forsure. no inflammation, one raised bump on my left cheek.. no inflammation though. feeling quite tired often, but seeming ng to get better nights sleep! using drying lotion and healing cream as well as buffering lotion. I love the drying lotion! it dries up appearing whiteheads overnight.. but it does leave hyperpigmentation afterwards . antibiotics seem to be doing their job, and I haven't had any side effects YET. as I've he
  13. i experience more irritated eyes when i take em.. and for about one or two hours afterwards, eyes become irritated and teary and puffy.. subsides in a couple minutes though.
  14. well. took the noxplode.. no ill effects so far. 4th day of doxy. took in a lot of protein today.. usually this is when i'd start to break out.