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  1. An update: The blind pimple has reduced to a flat mark that will probably take weeks to disappear but at least the pain is gone. I put benzoyl peroxide over the blind pimple overnight and it probably dried it out and flattened it. Downside of BP is the surrounding skin gets dry and slightly flaky too.
  2. :') yeahh, good luck to us I hope we'll find something(s) that will work for our skin
  3. I just ordered cosrx patch but I'm guessing they'll only arrive when the blind pimple has gone, probably leaviblng a scar as a farewell gift since I picked at it. Ooh is it the aloe vera gel? Because I am already using Aloe Vera gel from Fruit of the Earth as my daily moisturiser. I hate this haha, it affects my self-confidence. Thank you btw!
  4. Hey so I'm back, aged 22, and still dealing with skin problems. I thought I'd be done with them by now. Guess I assumed wrongly haha Okay so I have fading marks between my brows and the skin on my forehead is *textured*. They are not obvious visible bumps but I can feel them when I touch my forehead. A few fading marks on both cheeks but they aren't much of a problem.. The real problem is the blind pimple on my chin that I knowingly squeezed eventhough I know it isn't *ripe* yet a
  5. Hey, so I've a question. What's the best way to deal with underground pimples? Just wait it out or is there anything I can do to make it shrink and eventually go away? Any product recommendations with 90% success rate? Your replies will be greatly appreciated! I don't usually get underground pimples but when I do, they're always at my forehead area. I'm 21, I usually sleep by 12am and don't usually get stressed. I don't know if the information is significant but I'm just throwing it out he
  6. So I'm checking in after 7 months or so and I'm glad to say that my skin has somewhat improved :-) I'm 21 now with just the occasional pimples once or twice a month but they're usually around the chin area (somewhat rarely but the marks stay for quite some time) or forehead (rarely and they don't really leave marks). My main concern is the marks left by past pimples on my left cheek in particular so I was wondering if anyone can recommend me home remedies or affordable products to ligh
  7. Do you have any good clay masks/exfoliants that you'd like to recommend? Oh and I do use aloe vera gel every night before I go to sleep on my face, I guess now's the time to just wait for the marks to go away eh haha Thanks!
  8. Greetings, fam. I just want to know how do y'all deal with blind pimples? Any tips on how to fade pimple marks/hyperpigmentation? Some info about my face currently : the right side is generally clear (thank god) but the problem is on the left side... hyperpigmentation on cheeks and new pimples, be it blind or not, will usually be there. I drink about 1-2 litres of water each day, I only eat fruits when I feel like it and I sleep on my right side so we can cross out my sleeping habit being th
  9. Okay so I've been having a lump that would always be at the same spot on my chin and just stay there for about a couple of days to a week and it's NOT a pimple. I don't know what it is, it's kind of hard under the skin but it's not a cyst because I tried popping it before and it hurt but nothing came out. I just want to identify this and know how to prevent it from returning!! oh and it's not huge but I can FEEL it and if I bend down long enough, I can feel the blood rush there. I've been d
  10. I don't have severe acne but I am severely affected by what I do have. Bumps and redness between my eyebrows, about 5 visible pimple dark marks on my left cheek and a couple active bumps on my chin. Doesn't sound like much but believe me I'd rather stay at home then go out with my face like this. Will putting Vicks on the affected areas help? I've had average skin with the occasional or 2 pimples my whole life, up till I was 18. It changed this year though (I'm 19), pimples I had left scars an
  11. I've had pretty normal skin with the occasional pimple here and there but nothing major but everything changed at the start of this year. I've started getting more pimples but I wasn't worried at first as I had assumed they will go away like they always do and they did...but new ones came soon after and the marks from the old ones have yet to fade!! Now I have about 3 dark spots between my eyebrows, they aren't really pimples so I don't know how to deal with them. I have about 2 little pimples u