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  1. Good to know these shots worked for you. However, I was wondering would you ever have a small needle hole on your face after the cyst had gone down? T
  2. I'm facing the same issue here. Can you please provide with an update regarding your situation?
  3. Did that heal? Please help, because I have tge exact same thing bothering me.
  4. Hey guys... I had a cyst like protrusion on my left cheek for about 8 months. Once in a while, I tried to pop that thing, but nothing would happen. It was neither a whitehead nor a blackhead. Yesterday, I gave in and popped it with pressure. On popping, white puss literally splashed on my mirror and it was messy. Now, I'm left with a dark purple-brown mark, and it is whitiesh in the middle and somewhat moist. It looks horrible as I have a olive skin type. I'm applying Salicylic acid once in