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  1. I always breakout on that area. Sometimes it is clear about 1 weeks and breakout again. I don't know what causing my acne I just use baby shampoo zwitsal natural shampoo. please help me sorry for my bad English
  2. So you think my shampoo I use not causing acne? it's must be something else right?
  3. Thanks for the advice but do you think the shampoo I use have made me break out? Even I use baby shampoo
  4. Sometimes I have breakout on my temple and on the edge of my face. is it cause by shampoo?? I just use baby shampoo I'm sorry for my bad English.
  5. First of all sorry for my bad English but I hope you guys can understand. So This is my first post. tonight I met my girlfriend, the difference is she finally can see my real face that have Alot of acne. before we met, i seeing my face and build my confidence and courage that my girlfriend finally will see my face for real. I usually met her in place without light or low of light so she can't see my acne. after I seen her tonight, I feel relieved but in the other hand I have to ready if sh