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  1. I used proactiv for 5 years!!! After I stopped. I broke out horribly!!! I broke out in places I have never before. Cystic acne. I never even had that. My skin was smooth and clear with maybe two pimples I don't know why I started using proactiv anyway. Honestly it took 3 months to really start to clear up by using natural products like black African soap, witch hazel, and aloe vera!!!!!!!!! Amazing results now!! I can finally step out the house and not be ashamed or embarrassed.
  2. Listen I know it's hard to see you face like that but trust me!! U cannot stress about it or it will get worse. I been off proactiv for 4 months now!!!! My skin is healthy and glowing. I get a pimple from period days but that's it!! Use pure 100% African black soap. Buy it from amazon and get aloe vera gel<<< from the plant. You can buy it from publix. It works wonders. Don't eat greasy food and really the sun helped my skin as well.!!!
  3. Smithvf >>>> I used proactiv for 5years. It's so harsh to your face and basically u will have to use it your whole life. I couldn't imagine 50 still rubbing proactiv. Anyway ure face will be broken out to the extreme like for 2months. But it gets better. Everyday ure skin will be better. You can't go back to the proactiv. Use natural products to help ure face. Witch hazel. Aloe vera. Dove sensitive soap but most of all 100% black African soap!!!!!!! Yes<<<<<that soap i
  4. Try Burt bees acne solutions line!! all natural! And try aloe vera from the plant for moisturizer and acne cure
  5. I used proactiv for 5 years!!!! I beat proactiv. When I first stopped my face was horrible. Dry ... acne everywhere!!!! Never had acne like this before!!! Last month I stopped proactiv. I used it for a week and switched to natural products. But u have to stick with natural products!!! I will never put BP on my face again. 1.dove soap 2.burt bees acne solution gel cleanser 3.witch hazel That's it... and I exfoliate once a week using apricot scrub for blemish acne. week 1-5 was horrible b
  6. Hey I'm having the same problem. I used proactive for 5years. I been off proactiv for 2 weeks and It's getting worse. I'm only using black African soap and dove soap and aloe vera. How many months will my skin get back to normal again.