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  1. My favorite green smoothie... Couple handfuls of spinach 1/2 avocado 1/2 cup frozen mango juice of 1/2 lime couple sprigs of fresh mint 6 - 8 ounces of water
  2. It is expensive. Runs about $50 for an ounze bottle, but it does last a good 4 - 5 months. You only use a pea sized amount for your whole face. The Derm-A-Gel spreads on very easily and you can layer BP or a moisturizer over the Derm-A-Gel as long as you wait 15 - 20 minutes.
  3. You may want to start with Derm-A-Gel by Vivant. It's a vitamin a proportionate by Vivant Pharmaceuticals and Dr. Fulton, co-founder of Retin-A. It's designed for sensitive skin. If you tolerate it well after a few months, you can move up to their Exfol-A product. Products can be found at www.betterhealtyskin.com.
  4. Electric Feel, I do not have PCOS and I will be starting Spiro in the next few weeks (waiting until I get back from vacation.) I was totally expecting a struggle to get my derm to prescribe it. I went into my appt. with three months worth of pictures of my consistent chin acne and a bunch of printouts of the studies done on Spiro and hormonal acne, just in case I had to fight her on it. She prescribed it no problem, although she said she never prescribes it unless the patient brings it up and
  5. Yes, I definitely feel your pain. I'm 35. I've been dealing with mild acne for over 10 years. I finally got completely clear last fall with Face Reality clinic. I went almost three months with not one inflamed spot. But then I started breaking out worse than ever before this past February on my chin. It's been constant for 3 months. I'll have anywhere from one to four painful pustules on my chin any given day. I finally broke down and went to the derm. I'm starting Spironolactone next m
  6. Thanks, Wynne. I never even thought about that question to ask until after I got home. I'll have to call my doc's office and ask her NP. I was just curious what others on this board had done.
  7. Bump... For the ladies on Spiro and BCP, what week of your pill packs did you start Spiro. Does it matter?
  8. Oh, I forgot to add, too. I watched a webinar of Dr. Fulton's on his Vivant Pharmaceuticals site. He had a slide that showed that Derm-A-Gel is equivalent to Retin-A .01; Exfol-A is equivalent to Retin-A .025 and Exfol-A-Forte is equivalent to Retin-A .05 as far as retinoids go.
  9. Thanks for sending that. I've read that before - but I think they say it mostly to avoid excess irritation. The Vivant 15% mandelic that they sell on that site is really strong, and the Exfol-A and Exfo-A Forte are really strong too. I would imagine if you combined those products, it would be really intense on your skin. I notice that they say its ok to use the weaker mandelic toner (which is as much as 9% mandelic) before apply the Vitamin A serum - so I am guessing that the mandelic a
  10. Thanks for your reply - sorry to hear that you are having a tough time right now too. I guess it just shows us that even though we get clear, we should never take it for granted, huh? I guess you can never tell what's going to happen with hormonal shifts, skin adapting to products, etc. I'm sure with Face Reality's help, we'll both see improvement soon though! They are so good at troubleshooting stuff like this and adjusting regimens to make them more effective. Did you have any changes
  11. Hey, Willow. I was just reading about the Mandelic serum on www.betterhealthyskin.com that sells the Vivant lines. They also recommend not using two serums together. Here's the quote. "Mandelic Acid & Vitamin A Combination Instructions: The Mandelic Acid products can be used in combination with any Vitamin A product (Derm-A Gel, Exfol-A, Exfol-A Forte). Mandelic Acid 15% Serum should be applied separately than the Vitamin A skin conditioner. For example, use the Mandelic Acid 15% Serum d
  12. Hi, Willow! So sorry to hear your skin is looking crappy. I'm in the same situation. My skin hasn't looked this bad since I started with FR back a year and a half ago! I've been struggling with deep large inflamed pustules on my chin. I've had over a dozen since early February and my chin is now covered with deep red marks. I finally broke down and went to the derm and got a script for Spiro. I'm not going to start it until next month though b/c I'm going away in June with the hubby for o
  13. I'm currently on Femcon birth control. Is it better to start spiro during the placebo pills or it doesn't matter? It's a low dose of just 25 mg to start. Anyone have any luck with such a low dose?
  14. In my constant quest for iodine-free vitamins, very limited options. The best version was NSI Synergy Basic Multi Verson 2 capsules, no iodine, 1 mg of copper, but they discontined it back in the summer. In Sept. I switched to Synergy Energy Multi Version 3 which has relatively small amount of iodine, 75 mcg, as compared to most multis. (1 mg of copper) Good concentration of B vitamins which if you're on BCP is good as BCP depletes Bs. Some others to look at with no iodine: NSI OcuPower Ba
  15. I absolutely love Femcon. Best pill I've been on, and I've been on BCP for about 17 years now... ugh! I've been on Ortho Novum, Ortho Cyclen, Desogen, back to Ortho Cyclen, Ortho Tricyclen and now Femcon. Been on Femcon now for about a year and a half. No real difference in acne than any other pill I've been on. I suffer from mostly non-inflamed acne with the occasional pustule. However I get absolutely no side effects and my period is literally non-existent. I may get a day or two of spo