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  1. I'm not a girl but uh, this part here where you say "I feel like if people see me in a skirt they'll think,"ew that pimply girl is wearing a skirt." thats not even remotely what 99.99 percent of the guys are going to think for 3 reasons. 1) your acne looks worse to you than to anyone else. 2) not all guys are as shallow as you think 3) a pair of legs in a short skirt will make any guy drool They are not going to "grossed out by your face" it just does not work that way
  2. this is a crazy game but uh Id want it all clustered on my side, and then i would either cut it out or i would cauterize it all.
  3. I've often thought of running into the wilderness naked with an axe and toothbrush for a year and seeing what would happen. you're a braver man than me sir
  4. Dont know how to help you treat those bro but i have 2 things to say. i don't think they look bad, and i seriously doubt it will affect your relationships and you have a nice head for a beard if it really bothers you.
  5. I had extremely good results with differen however i plateaued with it after about a month and couldn't seem to get any better with it so i switched to retin-A which after an initial flare got me past my plateau but i again plateaued on that a month later. All this time i was using duac gel and menacyline as well as washing myself with glycolic and salicilc acid 1 - 2 times a day (scrubbing it into myself with a brush) and swimming in the ocean routinely. I have thick oily skin. im still
  6. I strongly advice you to ask your derm on this one. I'm guessing its a no go because its ripping hairs out just like waxing would.
  7. you and I are more or less in agreement then no such thing as magic D: