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  1. It started to really kick in after around one month, and new pimples seem to have stopped popping at around 3 months, maybe a bit less ( I'm at 3.5 months right now ).
  2. If it's any help, Accutane was one of the best things that's happened to me lately! Besides improving my face condition it's helping with my self esteem and now socializing it's actually easier. Good luck anyway.
  3. I found clay to be very helpful at reducing oiliness. Basically I applied a clay mask for about 15m before showering, then while showering I just washed my face with a gentle cleanser... It helps with blackheads as well and it's pretty cheap, so I'd say it's worth a shot. :>
  4. I used a natural green clay mask, about 5 or 6 times a week. It worked pretty good I must say; sure, it didn't do much for my active acne but it helped a lot with blackheads and an oily t-zone, skin tone and complexion and red marks. My face just felt a lot fresher after using it, plus it's really cheap ( I paid 1,50 € for 1 KG ). Just be careful not to let it sit for too long in your face (15m is more than enough).
  5. That's happened to me COUNTLESS times, and boy did it piss me off.
  6. 19, in college and living with my parents. If all goes well I'm going to finish my studies abroad and after that I'll probably get my own place. One thing is for sure though, when that happens, I'm gonna miss my mom's cooking. >_>
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1zK8exz6P4...ted&search= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XPGJOF374A not necessarily "happy" songs but they usually cheer me up. :>
  8. also on 40mg, it's been around 2 months, already a huge improvement specially in my back which was a mess before. face also looking muuuch better. personally, it really started to kick in after the first month or so but that really depends on the person/severity of course. :>
  9. in the beginning i felt a bit tired and couldn't sleep very well but it went away pretty fast... now it's all normal though, just tonight i slept like 10 hours lol.
  10. hoi, i'm also on accutane ( 1 month) and the breakout is normal and as far as i know there's nothing you can do about it, but on the other hand, it'll probably stop very soon ( mine was about 1.5 week long ). the redness is also normal, tho i haven't experienced much thanks to my moisturizer which works very well. as for the scarring, ALL the pimples i got during the breakout faded completely, and i mean COMPLETELY, but then again i never picked them, although it was hard to resist sometimes...
  11. ^^ on my first week/week and a half i could almost see the damn pimples growing if i stood in front of the mirror for a while. =O it also scared me a bit even though i knew it was normal, but the good news is that they ALL faded away after a short amount of time - even for me, and after only 3 weeks since the breakout it's impossible to tell that those pimples ever were there!
  12. hi there, for my face i've been using Anthelios XL 50+ Melt in Cream: http://www.laroche-posay.com/_int/_en/index.aspx so far it has worked really well. i've been going to beach lately and even though i have relatively pale skin and am taking accutane never got sunburnt or anything close to it . cya and happy golfing!