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  1. Hey guys, So I've been using the regimen for almost 5 months, and I haven't had any pimples on my face in over a month. I've been thinking that I may be starting to grow out of acne a little bit, as my body acne has cleared up a lot, and I haven't even been getting clogged pores on my face anymore. However, it's possible that it's just being on the regimen for so long that's keeping me this clear. But I was wondering when it's okay to like start tapering off the benzoyl peroxide? I currently u
  2. Hey guys, So after using the regimen for around 4 months, the redness and itchiness is really getting bad, especially a few inches under my eyes, which I don't even get the product near anymore. I put on the benzoyl peroxide near my cheeks and there is just painful burning at first and I get very red and it feels hot, and the redness subsides through out the day, and I'm not sure if I'm developing some sort of allergic reaction to benzoyl peroxide, or maybe dermatitis? I have some pictures to
  3. Yeah I think I accidentally used to get it closer to my eyes and that was really bad. The 2 pumps does feel like a lot and is just starting to burn more and more. Today I cut back and I think I will continue to do that until I have break outs again. I do want to try an eye cream, but I have ridiculously acne prone skin that breaks out from everything, so I am worried the eye cream will give me pimples near my eyes, which I never had to begin with. Any eye cream suggestions for very sensitive ski
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had a similar issue. Since my skin is so dry from the regimen and I can't use heavy moisturizers due to how badly my skin reacts to most products, I still have extremely dry skin from the regimen. I have dry patches and I think I'm starting to develop dermatitis, but what worries me more is how aged my skin looks. The area around my eyes, where I don't even get benzoyl peroxide near anymore is still extremely dry and I have fine lines now, but I'm only 20.
  5. Hey guys, So I just had a question regarding how much benzoyl peroxide to use. I've been on the regimen almost 4 months now, and it mostly worked. Sometimes I'm totally clear, but then I'll get a pimple like once a week, probably due to trying out new moisturizers, etc. I've been using the 8 oz. tube until now, and I just decided to get the 16 oz. bottle. However, when I put two pumps from the bottle into my hand, it looks like quite less than the full finger length I was using with the tube.
  6. After being on the regimen for 3 months, my skin improved dramatically up until the last few weeks. I've been going back to getting new inflamed break outs every single day, with more clogged pores I haven't had in areas for months. At first I attributed these break outs to the AHA I started using a couple of times a few weeks ago, but I haven't touched it for 5 days and I'm still waking up with new break outs. I have extremely acne prone skin, but I decided I'd try out the jojoba oil for the fi
  7. Unfortunately the jojoba oil gave me 2 large cysts and clogged pores all over after using it a couple of times, but I do really wish it worked because it did get rid of some of my flakes
  8. I was applying the AHA every 3-4 days, for a total of 4 times, before I quit using it because I kept getting huge pimples from it. I was using like a little more than a pea sized amount. I have tried using a lot more moisturizer than two pumps of the one I use, but the flakes still come back no matter what somehow. The moisturizer I use comes in a 1.4 oz bottle for $30, which is way too expensive, but it's the only one that doesn't clog me up. I was really hoping the jojoba oil would be good, bu
  9. I think I will try reducing the BP to like a 3/4 finger length twice a day, once my skin calms down and clears up again, and then I may try once a day if things look promising. Unfortunately jojoba oil gave me a huge cyst on my chin and a few pustules . So I'll wait until that's over and start reducing. Thanks for the replies guys. I really hope the flaking stops at 4 months haha and doesn't go on forever. Can dry skin/flakes really cause acne?
  10. So I've been on the regimen for two and a half months now, and it really has worked. My face is like 95% clear, and it's a major improvement from my mild/sometimes cystic acne I used to have. I really want to keep using this, but I just don't know if it's worth it anymore. My skin has never been this dry, it is flaking off in huge chunks, and every day it gets worse. I have tried 10+ moisturizers, including Dan's, and nothing helps. When I use the AHA it gets rid of my flakes for a few hours and
  11. Hey guys, So I'm thinking of finally trying jojoba oil for my dry skin. It's gotten so dry that it's almost unbearable to put the benzoyl peroxide on, and the skin flakes are spreading and they're huge and it just looks so bad. My skin is scaly even if I wet it now. I've tried countless moisturizers, even Dan's, and nothing stops the flakes except Cetaphil's moisturizer, which broke me out after one use. I have extremely intolerant skin and get clogged pores from pretty much every drugstore mo
  12. Hey guys, So I've been on the regimen for a little over 2 months now, and it pretty much got rid of any inflamed acne for me after about 5-6 weeks of using it. I just added in the AHA a week and a half ago, and I've used it 3 times since then, using a small pea-sized amount. But in the past week and a half, I've had 2 inflamed pimples, which were huge, and yesterday I started getting a very red bump under my skin, so I'm not sure what that's gonna be. Is it possible that this is the AHA causin
  13. Hey guys, So I was just wondering if I could get anyone's opinion on this before I see my dermatologist. My whole life I've never really had much acne. I did start getting a little bit of hormone related acne starting a year ago, but it was very mild, and actually starting clearing up in February/March. However, I started developing much more persistent and sometimes cystic acne around April, which is just after I started taking 10,000 mcg of biotin daily for hair growth. I took the biotin for
  14. Is it a lot like the regular Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion? That one broke me out
  15. Hey guys, So I've been using the regimen for 2 months now, and my face is pretty much clear. The flakes though, are really getting really bad. I have huge flakes coming off my chin, my nose, the area between my eyes, and near my mouth. I finally found a moisturizer that doesn't clog my pores, but like all the other moisturizers I've tried that did clog my pores, it is not moisturizing enough. The more moisturizer I put on, the worse my flakes get. My skin is very intolerant, and I can't put an