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  1. Unforutnately this can be a side effect for some and has actually happened to me personally. While your skin is extra dry and sensitive it is going to crack and peel more down there if you are constantly wiping. Try using some type of different toilet paper or even tissues with aloe. It may not sound so great but constant rubbing of the area, just like on your face is going to irritate. Take a deep breath, calm down, and if it doesn't go away in a few days call your derm. Otherwise RELAX!
  2. I drank like a fish on weekends when I was on Accutane but always felt like complete shit afterward. Even worse than a normal hangover. Just be careful because it seemed as if I had needed like 7 or 8 beers to be completely retarded trashed. Plus being drunk + looking in the mirror = scraping at your face sometimes which isn't always good. Proceed with caution but have fun also Accutane is not a life sentence of no fun!
  3. Everyone assumes that Accutane is a cure all because of all the success stories on here. Honestly I would say that yes your acne is severe enough to use Accutane, but I would suggest some less extreme treatments before then. Unless it is so emotionally crippling to you that it is all you can think about I would hold off for a little. If acne is that mentally bothersome however I would proceed with caution. Don't get me wrong Accutane can perform wonders just make sure you are ready for the
  4. I know the feeling all too well. My face is breaking out like crazy, and this time the breakouts are itchy. They're really annoying me. I feel like scratching my chin, and overall, just ripping it apart because I'm having a hard time being positive. I hate breaking out everyday...it feels like I'll never get things in control. Breakout's suck we all know this too well, but it's going to get better. You are just making yourself think you look worse than you really do. Trust me I
  5. Here's the way I look at it with my years of horrible dating experience. I've dated the shallowist dumbest blonde bimbo's you can find that really really really made me even more self conscious about not only my acne but how I looked all the time because they were constantly judging. I've also dated some amazing women who really didn't give a f*ck how I looked most time because they liked me for another reason. What i'm saying is majority of us on this websiter are younger than 30. Some of y
  6. I can almost 100% guarantee this is from some type of flu. The problem with Accutane is that because everyone talks about the crazy side effects the littlest thing that happens when you are taking a dose everyone immediately assumes oh shit Accutane side effect when in reality you are overthinking it. Hope you started up again bud and it's working for u
  7. Hell yeah that is what I am talking about. When I started Accutane I never thought a day in my life would be able to go by where I didn't have to freak about how many topicals I had on my face at a time. Guess what I don't anymore and you won't have too soon either. Congrats on always being beautiful, but now having the confidence to let that beauty shine
  8. I will say this I was a virgin at the time I was on Accutane, i've done other stuff with women just not sliding into home if you catch my drift. To be honest with you I was hornier than ever while on Accutane and when my skin was clear I finally had the confidence to go up to girls for the last 4 months on the drug. After i was done I suffered zero side effects in regards to sexual stamina and effectively felt better than ever. If I was to say anything I think you are suffering from what I
  9. I've been pretty close to 8 years after my course of Accutane as well, great to hear another success story!
  10. Don't even be ashamed because you have what you would call less severe acne making think about it all day. Regardless of severity you suffer from what we all suffer from here and it is a mentally debilitating condition that is hard for others to understand that don't suffer from it as well. It sounds like with the course you are on you should be clear by month 4 and you won't have to worry about this anymore. Keep us posted!
  11. I still break out even though i've been off Accutane for 8 years, unfortunately it is not a cure but for many acne cystic acne sufferers it greatly reduces the severity of your acne even if it does come back. While I still get the occasional zit here or there I use BP and it will literally keep those "little actives" as you call it at bay and from arising on your skin. A common misconception about Accutane is that if it doesn't work completely you will have to continually go back on it. In my
  12. First step to clear skin man congrats keep us updated on how it goes!
  13. I just want to say WOW and congrats to everyone on here you guys all look fantastic and I gave everyone made props for posting their pics. It takes alot of courage to post how you look while you had what you felt like mentally was the ugliest time of your life and how you progressed. I read someone's post on here before who said you are beautiful before, with acne, and after and she couldn't be more correct. My journey began about 10 years ago with acne. I was 15 and in highschool and I wo
  14. It really depends on your type of acne, how severe and if it is cystic or not. Basically your derm is using ur original dosage to help the Iniital breakout come along. I started on 20mg and was on Accutane for a year and 20 mg was definitely not enough for me to start out on. Unfortunately there really is no *CORRECT* dosage to start out on since we all go on Accutane with different severities of acne. I would listen to your derm at first, and see how your skin progress or regresses in the f
  15. Hey all, when I was on Accutane about 8 years ago I started out on 20 mg, and for me 20 mg really really gave me a crazy initial breakout. Now ESA i'm not trying to scare you hear I just want to be as honest as possible, I had terrible acne and it made all my cysts rise to the surface. If I'm being bluntly honest with you it took me about 3 months to get done with my initial breakout and bring everything to the surface. AFter that time my face started to get dry, but I didn't see a drastic im