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  1. Ovarian cysts tend to come and go on their own, I had one and didn't need any treatment other than finding ways to deal with the pain. Are you talking about treatment options for the cyst or the acne? If the cyst popped then it should start to go away within a few menstrual cycles I believe. As for whether or not its causing your acne I have no clue lol
  2. I'm sorry you are struggling right now. I'm 18 and have had acne since I was probably 12 and in the past year it got really really really bad, worse than it has ever been. I understand how frustrated and defeated you feel. I finally got it under control over the past 6 months by going vegan, cutting most oil out of my diet, and changing my skincare. The thing that has helped the most skin care wise is thayer's witch hazel as well as bentonite clay masks with apple cider vinegar 2 a week. Sulfur
  3. I don't think antibiotics are the right choice. They kill good bacteria in your gut which will in the long term affect your overall health, and they would only temporarily reduce acne, especially if it's a hormonal problem. You need good gut health in order to combat acne, and antibiotics will seriously mess that up and since you don't have severe acne, avoid taking antibiotics for the time being. It sounds like you are doing everything right in regards to skin care, the only thing I would rec
  4. In response to the other posts in this, I don't think antibiotics are the right choice. They kill good bacteria in your gut which will in the long term affect your overall health, and they would only temporarily reduce acne. You need good gut health in order to combat acne, and antibiotics will seriously mess that up. I would also look at accutane as a LAST resort. The side effects of accutane can be permanent, some people do fine with it, while other people have their health ruined by it. You n
  5. I'm so sorry that you are struggling with this, I know how much acne sucks. I'm glad that you have a healthy mind set towards your situation though and realize that there are much worse things in the world than acne. I've always told myself that if acne is my biggest problem then I'm living a very blessed life. Remember that nothing is permanent and you are still very young and with time things will improve, keep your head up.
  6. spicyotter

    Improvement photos

    These are photos of my skin in June and then now. It's a huge, huge, huge improvement for me. I don't have perfect skin, and I am very aware that it could get bad again, but god does it feel good to be able to wash my face without it hurting horribly. The before photo isn't of my skin at it's worst, but you get the point. I blurred out parts of my face because privacy or something.
  7. I think you should be using a moisturizer, especially if you have oily skin. A moisturizer won't make your skin more oily, it will help to balance out your skin and prevent over oiliness. You might want to find another dermatologist because the advice from the one you are seeing seems very sketchy. The regimen I'm using is a gentle cleanser (yes to cucumbers milk cleanser), witch hazel as a toner (thayers witch hazel), and neutrogena moisturizer. I use a few drops of tea tree oil in my moistu
  8. My brother had back acne really terrible in his late teens and early twenties, he would get full blown gigantic cysts on his back, and after a couple years of dealing with it, it just went away on its own. I don't know if that is what will happen to you, but seeing as you are 20 it is possible that it will go away with time. Have you tried making dietary changes? I would try some natural approaches before considering accutane. And you said that you have digestive issues, just wanted to mention t
  9. Something that helps me with swelling and redness is crushing up aspirin tablets,mixing with water to form a paste, and then applying for a couple minutes. Obviously don't do that if you have an allergy to aspirin. I know it doesn't mean much, but try not to stress about having this breakout during/before the dance, your friends will understand, and anyone who judges you is an asshole
  10. I would recommend getting thayers witch hazel off amazon, and spray that on your face after you wash your face, and once or twice a week use a bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar mask. Also mix a drop or two of tea tree oil in your moisturizer a few nights a week. Those 3 things have almost completely cleared my forehead in the past two months, right now I have no active pimples on my forehead, just dark marks from past ones. Try that out, good luck!
  11. You should see a dermatologist so they can figure out the problem and how to treat it. Sorry you are dealing with this
  12. I would just wait it out and keep with your normal routine because changing things in your routine may cause your skin to freak out and get more acne, which wouldn't be good. Hopefully it will pass and you'll get back to having clear skin, if things just continue to get worse then maybe look into changing your routine, but right now you should just try to calm down. You could try spot treating those active pimple with tea tree oil to see if they'll go away a bit faster as well. Good luck
  13. If it's not hormones then I would look at food, some people's acne is caused or made worse by the food they eat. You could try getting an allergy panel done at the doctor to see if you are allergic to anything. I'm not sure if you have tried cutting out dairy but some people say it helps them. Hope you find something that works
  14. You could be having a reaction to something in your skincare regimen maybe. I would try stopping the bp for a little while and try calamine lotion for the itching. If it doesn't get better you should see a doctor/dermatologist.
  15. Have you tried a warm compress on it? That's all I can think of