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  1. Bumps

    Is it okay with bumps on face? I have many bumps on my right cheeks, this product says that it has benzyl peroxide and I believe that it is good for bumps.
  2. kristeljade



    Is it also good for bumps on forehead and cheeks?Cause I'm having a doubt to use it for my bumps, I used nizoral for my bumps on face but it didn't work, so I assumed that it is not a yeast infection. I think it's a clogged pores, cause its kinda group of bumpy skin like whiteheads . Please help!
  3. kristeljade

    Right Dosage for Zinc

    Right Dosage for Zinc

    How much zinc should I take? Is it good for me to take 50mg? I have pimples but not that severe, my breakout is every other day and what combination of vitamins is best for acne? Thankyou.
  4. Do you think it's okay to use acv toner then after that apply vitamin e oil on the face?
  5. kristeljade

    Not really

    Not really

    I used aloe vera in the morning to fade my pimple marks and I think it really works but not that very. It takes a lot of time to fully help remove your spots. Some benefits of this plant is that it helps to remove also the bumps in the forehead, but I think it didn't help in my bumps.
  6. Fingers crossed for Dark Marks on face

    I'm giving this a try to my face to fade my black marks because it looks terrible.😭 I'll update within 3weeks for the result. Hope will help me to my problem.
  7. Fingers crossed for this ACV

    Hello! I just moved here in Australia, about 3 months ago, but originally I'm from Philippines. So, I think that the main reason why I have a pimples breakout today is because of the change in humidity. I thought ACV is just for losing weight, but I saw one video discussing the effectiveness of this. I'm giving this a shot! Hopefully, this will be the answer to my problem. There's a lot of great reviews about this that push me to try! Will come back and post after 3weeks!