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  1. okay i`ve started the DKR on sunday and it is thursday and my face looks s0o0o0 g0od!!!... now i started with the 2 finger dose of neutrogena on the spot bcuz previously i was using nuetrogena advance solutions system which contains BP s0o my face was already use to it.. the 1st few days my face was fine but now after i wash my face and then apply BP it stings the hell outta my face and then when i apply the mositurizer it burns t0o.. i wash my face with a gentle cleanser use BP then moisturize
  2. ecause the person above me told me there personal experience i didnt put the moisturizer on first i still put it on after and it still BALLS UP =(.. i juss take the towel and gently pat the balls off.. thats all i can do for now bcuz the regimen is working so well i dont want to do anything that is going to mess it up
  3. hey acne orggers I'm new to the DKR and i wanted to know something.. do you think the regimen will have the same effect if i moisturize before i put on the BP (i use the neutrogena on the spot) because everytime i moisturize my face it doesnt absorb into my skin and i've tried 3 different moisturizers.. do u think if i put the moisturizer on 1st and then bp i will get the same effect or keep doing it the way dan says to. I can do it like he says and just pat the access lotion off with my towel