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  1. ohdeeee theres an expiration date!? this explains a lot. gotta buy some fresh BP! thanks i'll go check the tubes right now
  2. so i bought 7 bottles of dans bp (the old 4oz tubes), like summer last year... i numbered each 1 with a sharpie marker, to keep everything organized i broke out a lot during the time of my 1st bottle of BP but after about 2 weeks, i was clearing up like crazy. i went through my first 3 bottles and was completely clearly, redness had went away, and acne scars were fading dramatically, happiest person in the world... as soon as i had finished my 3rd bottle and continued onto my 4th... i start
  3. is your skin realllly dry, or have u not used a moisturizer in a long time ? if so... im pretty sure it should burn, for the first few times u apply em some extremely dry areas of my face (such as the sides of my nose) get a good burning sensation when i apply the moisturizer
  4. i had the same problem... parents were extremely tired of me buying a bunch of products that didnt work, but eventually convinced my parents to buy a DKR starter kit for me... this all depends on how much u want/need DKR, this is what u can do to convince them... (well at least how i did) -show them the site, and show them how much research u did -(i ono, but let them kno how bad u need it) tell them stuff like, "i cant even go to school, and concentrate, without feeling stressed, with people
  5. i actually dislike that it says "acne.org" on it, even tho i love this site, because i feel weird when friends come over and just chilling, and them looking at my acne treatments... thats why i hide my dkr products when friends come over i 100% agree tho that "acne.org" should be somehwere on the bottle, tho in smaller text, maybe in the description...
  6. what stores supply jojoba oil? what section of walmart would have it?
  7. thats what happened to me at first, till i watched dan's video and applied the b.p. correctly... juss keep spreading the b.p. till u get that tacky feeling
  8. if an 8oz tube happens to fit in my hands and feel as comfortable as a 4oz tube when dispensing the b.p., i'd love to see an 8oz tube... though i think upping the bottle to 6oz would be better, an 8oz tube just seems to big for a tube?, and i hate bottled b.p. for some reason. hmmm upping to a bigger 8oz tube would cut into my "brand new tube! fresh brand new b.p.!" feeling, and i love that feeling
  9. my skin around my mouth area has started flaking also.. hmmm tho i have been swimming in my pool lately.. imma stop, nd see if my skin stops gettin dry and flaky
  10. ahhhh i still want clear skin anway! i remember back in the days when i was on my prime, god life was soOOO good but yea, imma try nd not let my situation get 2 me gotta live with it
  11. my mom refuses to buy me the DKR line... so today i asked my mom politely, if i can use her credit card to buy DKR products, and i'll pay her on the spot the total in cash then she says its to much money... i then told her i'll pay her cash plus an additional 10 dollar transaction fee... (i had cash in my hand showing her) JUST to use her credit card to buy some DKR products... she still says no... then she told me... 'you dont care about nobody, but yourself' and i just didnt understand...
  12. im currently taking drivers ed also i have to admit.. i skipped about 3 of my drivers ed. classes cause of break outs -.- but, hey, i cant wait to drive... still gotta make up those classes tho good luck with everything