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  1. Might work for some people

    Might help for some people. Think it had worked in the past. I stopped sugar in my drinks and skin got better. But it doesn't work any more. I hardly if ever have sugar now but skin not good.
  2. Dreamymoon

    Been years

    Been years

    Never helped in my teenage years as far as I can recall 2008/2009. I enjoyed using it though. Can't update as haven't used it since then. Don't believe I had any "wow" moments with it. Just made the skin feel smooth. No wondrous acne busting action
  3. Not sure yet

    Had a nasty cyst like pimple on my forehead and putting this on made it start to flake and go down in size. One pimple can't prove anything since its been years since I used it last...I don't believe it has been effective much in the past and sure it was this one cream and it NEVER worked. But have used similar products so not certain . Think it is 50/50 the Still the best product I've used for over a decade..nothing else has worked
  4. Don't think it worked well for me

    I tried this a few times when I was a young girl. It seemed to do some good for a while but no longer worked. I had a severe spot on my chin. I haven't used it for many many years but never found it affective when I tried it again. I believe it goes by "crystaderm" now
  5. Terrible product

    These I tried once. They do burn a LOT. They didn't help my acne in any way when I was having severe flare ups. I did go a little extreme with leaving them on my skin as well as I was desperate because I had boil sized pimples. Nothing worked!
  6. Patch test or something beforehand!

    Used this and thought it felt kinda nice to put on. I noticed it felt warm to apply for some reason. I thought I'd check out my skin later on and noticed some red on my left cheek and ignored it. I looked again later and noticed black heads thst I didn't have before on my chin and on the side of my nose. Dark black ones..the nasty kind. The redness is definitely some irritation. It kept burning slightly and won't stop burning me now on my left cheek even though I washed I off!. I used this to he
  7. Jusr doesn't work for me

    I don't know why but this oil never works for me. I have stubborn acne and tea tree oil just doesn't do anything. Not for everyone I guess. Can't stand the smell either
  8. I get something like this..wake up in the morning..BOOM I have one on a random area of my face. Even corner of my nose. Usually they are easy to remove but they are unsightly.
  9. Dreamymoon

    Didn't work

    Didn't work

    I tried some method I found online using some water and baking soda and my skin was very red afterwards..I also had new pimples. I just don't think this is for me