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  1. Thanks for the replies - especially Siouxsie, for the eye-opening post! I guess I shouldn't get ideas of what life should be like from Facebook (I'll get my ideas from this page instead!). I'll just satisfy myself with my current pseudo-life - eat, work, study, maybe sleep. I can party when I'm dead.
  2. Ah, snow. There's definitely a lot here this year - I haven't even tried to drive in a long time. Which province are you in? (Or territory? I guess you'd have it much worse if you happen to live in Nunavut.) Concerning meetings being unpleasant because of being connected by acne - I don't think it'd be too unpleasant at all. We may all have acne, but we certainly don't have to talk about it. All having experienced the same condition would probably even be beneficial, because there would
  3. The problem with Canada is that it's a huge arctic tundra with a very small population, the majority of which lives in an igloo and hunts seal for meals. Eh, slight exaggeration. However, Canada being so huge and so sparsely populated, I guess meet-ups would be impossible up here. Have fun with your California and Arizona meetings!
  4. Ok, so, I was just on this mysterious site called "Facebook". I'm not sure if anyone's heard of it, but I hear it's pretty popular. Anyway, on this "Facebook", I started to look at pictures of some hundred-and-fifty-or-so people who are supposedly my "friends" but who I never actually talk to or associate with in any way. The pictures were generally of their faces - hence the site's name, I presumed. However, the people in these pictures were involved in various activities - some of which in
  5. Do you need to keep it down that badly before the shipment arrives? O.o I'm usually pretty careful about what I put into my body -- especially old prescription medications that were just lying around.
  6. Thanks for the replies! I haven't had a massive breakout yet, which I guess is a good sign. I think I'll stick with the Tetracycline for now - but I'll ask my doctor about it screwing me over during an infection later. I believe I'm on the Tetracycline - at least, I've never heard of doxycycline or minocycline.
  7. I've been using DK's BP for about a year and a half now, along with a cleanser and moisturizer, according to the regimen. It's certainly made an improvement, but I am still nowehere near clear. At all. It's also had some negative effects - BP makes my skin VERY dry, and makes it come off in flakes, which means I have to use jojoba oil and moisturizer, which makes my skin VERY oily, which means I have to use oil sheets. It's very inconvenient. I just recently started taking Tetracyclene, so
  8. Heh, I was just thinking that myself. "All I want for Christmas is clear skin", I mean. But, I was thinking the same thing last Christmas, and the Christmas before last, and the Christmas before that, and all I got was some expensive electronic devices and spare underwear. :/ Congratulations on your success! Happy holidays.
  9. Thanks to everyone for the many replies! All very valuable advice, although I'll probably stay off the hallucinogens for a bit longer. Nope, "morbidly underwight" isn't a diagnosed medical condition (although it is what the Body Mass Index tells me). Thank you for the gym-alternatives, pogo. Interesting signature, hellohigoodbye. This is all pretty inspiring stuff - I'll take the advice and go out and do it! ....Tomorrow! (It's almost midnight.)
  10. The "L" could stand for anything. "Lame". "Lifeless". "Lemony Fresh". Although, I guess it most likely means "Loser". Which I totally am. It's not that I'm not intelligent or anything. I'm in university, which means that I'm theoretically headed towards some sort of respectable career. I guess I'll have a job, a nicely-above-minimum-wage salary, maybe a car, and an attractive washroom with a fuzzy, baby-blue toilet seat. But what I probably won't have, is a life. I have moderately seve
  11. The moisturizer is Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream, about which I've heard some negative reviews concerning oil - but switching to a different brand did not seem to help. I haven't looked into B5 or fish oil pills yet; thanks for the recommendation.
  12. I noticed that there are already a lot of oily skin topics on this forum, but none of them seem to quite help... so here's another one. I have an amazingly oily face. Like, far worse than anyone else I've ever seen. The oil gets so bad that it actually gets into my eyes and impairs my vision about 7 hours after washing my face. Right now it's about 12 hours since my last wash; you could use my face to oil a frying pan, and I'm having trouble seeing my monitor screen. When pictures are tak
  13. @Iliad: Dude, did you honestly write that? What a freaking amazing post. I haven't posted here in ages, but I just have to compliment you on how well written that was - I can relate to what you wrote entirely. My self-esteem is pretty low as well. I recently met someone who I hadn't seen in four years, and it was rather painful, because she was grimacing at how ugly I had become since she last met me. Anyway, to the main poster, all I can do is wish you the best for the future, and hope t
  14. Thanks for your reply! I was under the impression that nodules are painful, though? My bump doesn't hurt at all - it's just large and ugly.
  15. Dude. You must be such an amazing person. I would never have been able to make it through the treatment that your pictures show. Congratulations on looking great once again!