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  1. Well I had a few months of clear skin but I seem to be starting to break out again ;(. My doc just saw me a few days ago and my acne wasn't that bad then but it's been getting worse and worse each day. I'm wondering if anyone has done a 2nd course and how it was?
  2. My hands get red a lot too. Just make sure to drink a lot of water and keep them moisturized, maybe try some fish oil, those things seem to keep my hands decent enough. If the itching is really bothering you then you should call your derm.
  3. It's pretty much the exact same thing. It's just as effective as the brand name.
  4. Yes, I started taking fish oil a few days ago.
  5. Well, I'm in my 4th month of a 5 month course(40 for a week, 60 for 3 months, 80 for 2 months) on 80 now and I've been getting some pretty annoying joint pain in my knees and elbows, acne is pretty much gone though , just a crapload of red marks left :eusa_sick: . So I called my derm and he told me to stop the accutane for 2 days, then take 1 pill for the next two days and return to the 80mg/day dosage and continue as regular. Anyone ever do this to help reduce side effects and did it help?
  6. Polak? My pharmacy also ordered it the first time I had the subscription filled. Only took a day to get there though so it was no problem. The generic costs me $10 with insurance covering like 300-400 per month.
  7. Burt's Bees lip balm rocks. I love it, it feels great on your lips and really works. I'm almost finishing up my third month at 60mg and I only apply it a few times a day and have no problems. Aquaphor is good too but I hate how it feels on my lips. I do use it in my nose though ;p.
  8. I only wash my face maybe twice a week. Otherwise, it's too drying. I use an all natural face wash(Capsiderm) which is pretty good.
  9. Yes, I had more whiteheads than I ever had before starting accutane. It's just part of the process. I'm 2 months in now and the whiteheads seem to be stopping.
  10. I pay $10 for a 30 day supply. Insurance covers ~$300 or so so without it I'd be shelling out $300 each month. 5 months and it'd be a good $1500 plus the money for doctor visits and blood tests so it's steep for someone w/o insurance.
  11. I use jojoba oil, works pretty well. I also try not to wash my face too much, maybe once every two days since I started taking accutane. This keeps my skin looking decent and doesn't dry it out too much.
  12. Yea I'll call and ask them but I was wondering if anyone here has had different brands during their treatement.
  13. For the first month, I was using Sortret but now I got my prescription and it's Amenesteen(sp?). Has anyone not used the same brand for the whole treatment and does it make a difference?
  14. I remember seeing threads about some h-acid(hydro-something acid, I think) that's supposed to be beneficial in avoiding side effects. Anyone remember what the name of that acid was?